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21 Photography Tips for Paris

In Photo Locations, Uncategorized by Brent Huntley2 Comments

I spent seven nights in Paris a few months back and had great intentions of adding to the great series of “A Photographer’s Guide to … (Boston, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Glacier,  Philadelphia and so on)” we have seen on the website recently.  Unfortunately, our second day there, the whole family came down with something.  I never fully recovered and, while …

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The Ultimate Guide to Editing a Milky Way Photo

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan10 Comments

Post-processing is an extremely subjective part of any photographer’s workflow.  By putting in days of practice, each photographer eventually develops a characteristic look that can be seen throughout many of their photos, whether that be high contrast, low contrast, highly saturated, monochrome, bright exposures, dark and moody exposures, or anywhere in between.   While there is no correct way to …

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Getting Started With Star Trail Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Rusty Parkhurst2 Comments

There is no need to put away the camera and head inside after the sun goes down and darkness falls. If the sky is clear and the conditions are right, you may still be able to make some great images. This article will take a look at making star trail photos, from the gear you need and basic camera settings, …

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The Ultimate Guide to Shooting Milky Way Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan33 Comments

With the low light capabilities of digital cameras drastically increasing in recent years, Milky Way photography is booming in popularity.  As a result, it is becoming more and more common to see photographers staying out past sunset and late into the night.  The easiest way to ensure that you capture a compelling Milky Way photo is to do the proper …