Intermediate Courses

Advanced Techniques for Landscapes
Join Nick as he shows you how to: blend focal lengths, shoot and process HDR panoramas, and his techniques for compositing night skies to create absolutely SPECTACULAR images.   Click for more info

Whip Your Lightroom Library Into Shape
Is your Lightroom causing you unnecessary stress? Learn to optimize your Lightroom library so you can speed up your workflow and reduce the chances of losing photos. Click for more info.

Jim's Block Composition Method
You understand all of the “rules” of composition, but now Jim shows you how traditional theories are just the beginning. Click for more info.

Foundations Courses

Photography Start: Shoot in manual mode
This is one of our most popular products. I've basically taken what usually takes my students two years to learn, and put it all in one course for budding photographers. Click for more info.

Lighting in a Flash: Tame your Speedlight
Lighting in a Flash is the highest quality product we've ever produced. Learn to use manual flash to control the lighting in your portraits for spectacular results with basic flash gear.  Click for more info

Lightroom 101: Master post-processing
This is the course for anyone who feels lost in Lightroom. You'll learn all of the tools necessary to be competent in Lightroom and stylize your photos using this powerful tool. Click for more info.

Tutorials and Packs

Sky Replacement Tutorial
Nick Page shows how to use Photoshop to replace boring skies with gorgeous skies in your photos. You'll also get a bundle of 20 skies you can use in your photos. Click for more info.

Real Estate Photographer Starter Pack
In this starter pack, you'll get Lightroom presets for making your real estate photos look their best, a contract between you and the real estate agent, and also a pricing sheet.Click for more info.

Photography Business Packs (NEW!)

The Photography Contracts Package
This package has 7 photography contracts written by a lawyer that you can use to help get your business on the right legal footing. Model release, photography contract for portraits, etc. Click for more info.

Photography Pricing Guide
This guide is great for anyone wanting to start charging for their work. Complete with a written pricing template as well as audio interviews with photographers currently working in the field. Click for more info.

The FULL Business Bundle
You can get both bundles (all my Contracts, Pricing, and a BONUS: Email Templates) for just $29! Click for more info.