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The Peak Design Everyday Sling is My New Favorite Sling Bag

In Gear by Brent Huntley1 Comment

A sling bag is the ideal photography bag for so many people.  A good sling bag is small, light and comfortable to carry the necessities.  Because of these qualities, it is often the preferred camera bag for street and travel photographers.  For those of us with a lot more gear to carry, a sling bag …

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20 Last Minute Photography Gifts Under $50

In Gear by Pete LaGregor4 Comments

So you have a family member or friend who is a photographer OR you’re a photographer and you have no idea what to say when people ask you what you want for a present this holiday season?  Check out this list of great photography gifts for under $50. San Disk Extreme Pro Memory Card 64GB …

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From Canon to Fuji… a lucky tale of the big switch.

In Gear by Scott A. Tice2 Comments

Last year our family booked a two week summer vacation to southwest Ireland. I struggled for what seemed like weeks to figure out what gear was going to make the final cut for the trip. I’d been a loyal Canon shooter and had a full kit consisting of two bodies (6D/7D2) and six lenses as …

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The 5 Best DSLRs Under $1,000

In Gear by Kevin D. JordanLeave a Comment

Photography gear isn’t cheap. Most seasoned professionals eventually acquire gear that is cumulatively worth thousands of dollars. This makes the decision of which gear to buy one that many photographers labor over to try to ensure that they make the correct decision, especially those who may be on a tight budget. I will be one …

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Nikon D850 – A Concert Photographers Review

In Gear by Julian Baird8 Comments

The Nikon D850 caused quite the storm when it was announced back in August.  From the specifications, it looked like Nikon was throwing the all its best tech into its latest full frame (FX) body.  They were hoping it would appeal to a wide range of photographers.  The camera has now been available for a …

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Pelican 1510 Review: Tough Tank or No Thanks?

In Gear by Andy Perkins3 Comments

Gear in transport is gear at risk.  Whether we’re traveling to the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canyon, or to your grandmother’s house, any time photographers put gear on the go, we increase the risk that our gear will fall victim to the laws of probability. Whether by carelessness, by weather or by gravity, it just …

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The Best Photography Gear for 2018

In Gear by Rusty ParkhurstLeave a Comment

If you are considering upgrading photography gear, or at least adding some tools to the camera bag in the coming year, I’ve got some good news. The selection of amazing gear for photographers has never been better. Technology has changed at breakneck speed and cameras continue to improve. Unfortunately, this won’t make us better photographers, …

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Using a Tracking Mount for Landscape Astrophotography

In Gear by Brad Goestsch8 Comments

If you want to take your landscape astrophotography to the next level, you should take a good look at tracking mounts. In short, a tracking mount rotates to negate the perceived movement of the night sky allowing for the use of longer exposures, smaller apertures and thus lower ISOs. This all equates to better representation …

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8 Goofs to Avoid When Selling Used Photography Gear Online

In Gear by Andy Perkins3 Comments

Selling photo gear online is a great way to generate some extra money, give others in the photography community a chance to acquire new gear, and–let’s face it–make room for more gear!  To do it successfully, you not only need to be honest. You also need to be specific about your gear and the terms …

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Peak Design Slide – The Best Camera Strap on the Market

In Gear by Matt Gavin4 Comments

Here at Improve Photography, we are all crazy about the Peak Design Slide, an amazing camera strap that provides comfort and security.  Out of 17 camera straps in an Improve Photography review, the Slide was selected as the Top Pick when compared to other camera straps available. I have to agree with them.  I am …