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How Does Your Lens Affect Color In Photos?

In Gear by Tracy Munson0 Comments

Have you ever noticed that lens descriptions sometimes refer to the ability to “render color”? I have, and it raised some questions. Isn’t a lens made of glass, and as such, isn’t it clear? How does your lens affect color in photos? Why? Do different lenses actually render color differently? Do more expensive lenses do a better job? Clearly, I …

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7 Ways Drones Are Used in Businesses

In Gear by Jesse Park0 Comments

Many people know about military drones classified Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) whose uses are explicitly in war. As the popularity of drones increased, the technology has been commercialized for businesses and individuals. The military’s contribution to the drone technology is significant and unforgettable. Developments in the technology have facilitated innovations into different ways drones are used in businesses today. The …

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Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2: In Depth Review

In Gear by Bryan Striegler5 Comments

There is nothing more annoying for an artist than to be limited by his or her tools. Imagine a painter that only can use two colors or a sculpture trying to use a dull chisel. Yes, they both can probably still create something, but the process is going to take longer, be more difficult, and not be as good as …

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Review of the New Streetwalker Photo Backpack from Think Tank

In Gear by Brent Huntley4 Comments

For the many of you that have interacted with me over the past couple years, it is no secret that I have two favorite bags.  One of those bags is the Think Tank Streetwalker Harddrive.  I have been using version one of that bag for almost two years and it has become my favorite general use bag and travel backpack.  …

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Don’t Sell Your Old Camera! 9 Reasons To Convert To Infrared

In Gear by Tracy Munson8 Comments

As photographers, we are always looking for unique angles and perspectives, exceptional light, and compelling compositions. In a world full of photos, it’s not easy to show something commonplace in a different way. A way that people have never seen before. Infrared photography shows people how the world looks in a spectrum of light that isn’t even visible to the …

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In Gear by Steve Hecker4 Comments

If you’re excited to shoot the eclipse but you don’t have a solar filter to protect your camera, here are some directions for a handy DIY solar filter that will allow you to get some shots. I am a rank amateur in photography, but I do have a Macgyver streak, and was actually born in Kentucky, so I have some …