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Shadows vs Blacks Sliders: How They Affect Photos Differently

In Photo Basics, Post-processing by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

Lightroom’s Basic Panel in the Develop module and Adobe’s Camera Raw controls have a series of sliders with deceptively simple names, among which are Highlights and Shadows, and Whites and Blacks. So what’s the difference between the Blacks slider and the Shadows slider? Is there a special advantage in using one or the other? When should you use Blacks and …

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Lightroom Folders vs. Collections: A Simple Explanation

In Post-processing by Rusty Parkhurst3 Comments

Anyone who uses Lightroom knows that it is an incredibly powerful image editing tool.  However, the post-processing features in the software are only half the package.  Lightroom is also great for keeping images organized.  Still, understanding and harnessing the full potential of Lightroom organization can be confusing at best.  Why are there Folders and Collections?  What is the difference and …

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9 Essential Lightroom Organization Tips for Photographers

In Post-processing by Jim Harmer17 Comments

It’s funny.  The main purpose of Lightroom is to help photographers organize their photos; yet, most photographers struggle to keep Lightroom from turning into a disaster and losing your photos. I spent several months last year tweaking the process that I’ve developed as a professional photographer, and I feel like I have an organization system now that has fixed the …

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Learning Advanced Landscape Processing Techniques

In Post-processing by Mark Morris6 Comments

As every digital photographer begins to advance, they quickly realize that there are two halves to creating epic modern images.  The first half of the process is learning to master your camera, the controls, and the understanding of capturing of light with that tool.  The second half is learning how to take the files that you get from your camera, …