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How to Edit a Day-to-Night Timelapse

In Post-processing by Nathan Goldberg10 Comments

If you’ve ever wondered how to photograph and edit day-to-night timelapses, fear not.  While making day-to-night timelapses may seem overwhelmingly difficult, it’s not.  The digital tools that we have today really simplify the workflow for creating them.  This is not to say that creating day-to-night timelapses is totally effortless.  There still is effort needed for …

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9 ways to work faster in Lightroom

In Post-processing by Rick McEvoy8 Comments

In this article I will give you 9 tips on how to speed up working in Lightroom. Lightroom has gone through the hideously slow phase, and if you do all these things you will find, like I have, that editing in Lightroom is just fine these days. Do you want to speed up working in …

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When Should Serious Photographers Make Snapshots?

In Post-processing, Uncategorized by Rick Ohnsman8 Comments

Snapshots??!!  Most photographers aspiring to improve scoff at making “snapshots”, those being the quick images taken without much thought by the point-and-shoot crowd.  We’re serious photographers here and want to instead be Crafting Photographs, right?  But in this article, I’m talking about a feature in Lightroom you may not have tried or understood and it …