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15 Awesome Chrome Extensions for Photographers

In Marketing/Business by Bryan Striegler8 Comments

Google is taking over the world, and I’m completely fine with that. It amazes me that a company that started as a search engine has expanded to so many different things including email, a free version of Microsoft office (Docs, Sheets, Slides), and even computers. Another amazing accomplishment is the Google Chrome browser. I’ve been …

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Where do Photographers Sign Prints?

In Marketing/Business by Kirk Bergman3 Comments

Signing a print is like putting a cherry on an ice cream sundae.  A professionally shot, edited, printed, and produced photograph doesn’t feel quite right without the photographer’s signature on it.  Some photographers prefer not to sign their prints for various reasons.  The two most common reasons I’ve heard are because they are afraid their …

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8 Creative Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Photography

In Marketing/Business by Andy Perkins3 Comments

Breaking into real estate photography takes people skills, photography talent, and awareness of workflow and deadlines. Marketing your services can be a real challenge. By paying attention to your customers– not just the technical improvement of your images–you can begin to make an impact in the real estate photography market. Not every idea belongs in …

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What Photographers Need to Know About Insurance

In Marketing/Business by Frank GallagherLeave a Comment

  There are many reasons to have some kind of photography insurance and just about as many insurance products.  Some policies are specifically targeted at photographers and some are more general purpose.  Which is right for you? Photographers accumulate a lot of gear, which can be lost, stolen or damaged.  (Check out Jeremiah Gilbert’s tips …