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15 Theme Ideas for Photo Contests

In Marketing/Business by Christopher MowersLeave a Comment

Photo contests should be a lot of fun, but sometimes they are a real drag. I think this is because there is a disconnect between what photographers want out of a contest, and what those who are holding the contest are trying to accomplish. My purpose in writing this article is to provide ideas for …

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52 Great Blog Topics For Portrait Photographers

In Marketing/Business by Pete LaGregorLeave a Comment

Posting regular, informative, and quality blog articles is one of the best ways to show up on the first page of search results when someone is looking for a portrait photographer in your area.  Many experts on Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”) recommend posting as frequently as possible while maintaining good quality. For some, this …

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Should Photographers Ever Work for “Exposure”?

In Marketing/Business by Kevin D. Jordan6 Comments

If you are a photographer, you have probably been asked, either directly or indirectly, to work for “exposure”.  And if you are a photographer and have never been asked to work for exposure, don’t feel left out—it will happen eventually. All too often, people involved in creative disciplines deal with a very different business landscape …

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How to Handle Rejection and Discouragement as a Photographer

In Marketing/Business by Alex Lawson4 Comments

Ok. First things first: breathe. If you’ve just experienced ‘photographer rejection’ for the first time, it’s ok – you’re not alone. As photographers, rejection is just an occupational hazard. Photography is art, and art is a subjective medium. What looks amazing to one person’s tastes and sensibilities might turn another person’s nose up in disgust. …