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20 Ways to Make a Side Income With Your Camera

In Marketing/Business by Kevin D. Jordan2 Comments

At some point or another, almost all hobbyist photographers get to a point with their craft that they begin to consider that classic thought: I wonder if I can make money from photography. As someone with a full-time job outside of photography, I had that itch for years, and eventually began to scratch it in a way that allowed photography …

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15 Things to Include In a Portrait Photography Contract

In Marketing/Business by Stanley Harper6 Comments

A couple of years ago, Sally bought her first DSLR camera. She went to workshops, she took online classes. Sally was producing solid photography. Sally realized she could supplement the family’s income with portrait sessions. Based on advice Sally received, she purchased the photography contract bundle from Improve Photography for $15.  You should check out the bundle as you will more than …

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16 Tips For Marketing Senior Portrait Photography

In Marketing/Business by Stanley Harper1 Comment

The lucrative market of senior photography can be quite rewarding for photographers. How to break into the senior photography market though can be a mystery though. Here are fifteen tips that you can use to break into it. GIVE AWAY A FREE SESSION My first senior session was a free session. The session was for a nephew of mine. That …

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Why You Should Do A Styled Photography Shoot

In Marketing/Business, Uncategorized by Stanley Harper1 Comment

Investing in ourselves is the most important thing we can do as photographers. From gear to software to websites to training, investing in ourselves is a continuing process. One of the best investments we can make as a photographer if we shoot portraits and weddings is to participate in a styled photography shoot. The benefits of participating in a styled …

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8 Tips for Better Photography Client Communication

In Marketing/Business by Aaron Taylor5 Comments

Writing emails, meeting with clients, talking about contracts and expectations: these are not the reasons most of us come to the business of photography. For the hobbyist-turned-small-business, client communication might not be a strength or a desire. However, without proper attention to client communication, you might be missing out on several ways to enhance your website, your blog, and your success. …