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Create Your Photo Website On The Cheap With Adobe

In Marketing/Business by Brad Goestsch

If you have a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, either the photography bundle or the “All Apps” plan, you have the ability to utilize Adobe Portfolio to host your website at no additional cost to you!  The only added cost beyond what you’re already paying for your CC subscription would be the purchase of a …

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7 Best Photography Business Podcasts

In Marketing/Business by Pete LaGregor

If you’re like me then you are constantly seeking out sources of information to level up your photography. There are plenty of podcasts out there that can help you take better photos, but what about those of us that want to build our photography businesses? Whether you are just starting out or looking for that …

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5 Reasons Photographers Should Join PPA

In Marketing/Business by Bryan Striegler

It seems like I’m always spending money on something. I’ve got yearly fees for Dropbox, Vimeo, websites, and plenty of other services. Don’t get me wrong, these services are necessary and help me run my business, but there’s still this sting every time I see $200 come out for this and $400 come out for …

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How To Run A Photography Workshop, Part 1

In Marketing/Business by Nathan

  Something I have been toying with is running a photography workshop. If you are new to the photography world, you will find out that these are the new hot topic and every photographer and their dog is doing one. So why not join them right? This idea has actually been floating around in my …