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5 Reasons Photographers Should Join PPA

In Marketing/Business by Bryan Striegler7 Comments

It seems like I’m always spending money on something. I’ve got yearly fees for Dropbox, Vimeo, websites, and plenty of other services. Don’t get me wrong, these services are necessary and help me run my business, but there’s still this sting every time I see $200 come out for this and $400 come out for …

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Your Rights As a Photographer

In Marketing/Business by Kirk Bergman11 Comments

Over the past couple of years, as I have gotten deeper into my hobby/side-gig of photography, I have realized many things about the mentality of photography.  The things that I’ve learned have helped me mature as a photographer and helped me see new potential.  By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope to give other photographers, …

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15 Awesome Chrome Extensions for Photographers

In Marketing/Business by Bryan Striegler8 Comments

Google is taking over the world, and I’m completely fine with that. It amazes me that a company that started as a search engine has expanded to so many different things including email, a free version of Microsoft office (Docs, Sheets, Slides), and even computers. Another amazing accomplishment is the Google Chrome browser. I’ve been …

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Where do Photographers Sign Prints?

In Marketing/Business by Kirk Bergman4 Comments

Signing a print is like putting a cherry on an ice cream sundae.  A professionally shot, edited, printed, and produced photograph doesn’t feel quite right without the photographer’s signature on it.  Some photographers prefer not to sign their prints for various reasons.  The two most common reasons I’ve heard are because they are afraid their …

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Teaching Photography: 5 Things You Must Consider

In Marketing/Business by Frank Gallagher1 Comment

So, you think you can teach photography?  You have all the gear.  You’ve been taking pictures for a while.  People like your work.  Maybe you’ve even sold some photos or had some paid gigs.  Perhaps you could share your passion for photography with others and make some money in the process. Like most things in …