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  1. Hi,
    I wished I’d discovered your website sooner! I am so glad I found you. I’ve got to go out (with camera in hand of course), but I’ll be back, as Arnie would say.

    Thanks for the tips!


  2. Hey guys, I’m currently enrolled in your light room class and have a question, but I don’t know how to contact you. There’s a area that says questions, “your instructor access dates” but there is no further link.

    How do I contact you for questions during this course? Thanks. RKO

  3. I purchased the special for Lr last night (6/5 central time) and have not received a download link.
    Would you please send it to :

    I used my mastercard but didn’t save the confirmation # (how dumb), thinking that I would get a confirmation email.
    Thanks, Cindy

  4. Hey Jim hope all is good, just wondering if you are slowing the improve photography podcast down to grow your new income school brand ? I ask as the improve photography podcast seems to have got sporadic lately after briefly having 2 podcasts to one every now and then !?! Love the work and just wish I could afford your online course thanks for all you do for the photo world
    God Bless
    Regards Tristan

  5. Havent received the email for link to purchased Lightroom presets. Thanks Karen

  6. I just wanted to say thank you! I just purchased my first DSLR camera and this site has been invaluable. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. The articles and podcasts are amazing, I look forward to taking a couple classes in the near future!

  7. I am trying to sign up for classes on your Photo Classes website, but I can’t seem to get the buttons to do anything. I’ve used Chrome and Safari, and neither are doing the trick. Are you still offering the classes through that site?

  8. Sir,
    This morning I bought and paid for your contract package. Using my credit card (Dean Byrd Photography). I made the purchase from my IPAD and could not do the download from your website that I was lead too. I wonder if you could email them to me.

    Thank you in advance and thank you for what you do.

    B. Dean Byrd

  9. Jim,
    Please disregard my previous message. After checking my EMAIL I should be able to access the documents from my home computer. Again thanks.

    B. Dean Byrd

  10. Gentlemen:
    I purchased Nick’s sky replacement videos. As I downloaded them I was able to watch them. I would like to rewatch them but cannot find where they were downloaded on my hard drive, if in fact they were downloaded. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Hi,
    First of all great podcast series – I’ve listened on and off since 2013. BTW it’s “on and off” only because photography is just one of my hobbies and inevitably, after listening to a few episodes and getting “reinspired,” I’ll either run off pursuing something from your podcast until I hit a roadblock and get distracted by something else in my life or get intimidated and let myself get distracted by, again, something else in my life.

    So I have a question: where can I find some good but relatively inexpensive photography workshop trips, mostly in the US? I know you guys organize a few, I think I even heard a free one in Yellowstone National Park mentioned? I wish there was a link on the main to all the upcoming trips you guys have going on.

    But also, perhaps you guys are able to recommend a place I could find reputable ones for more of the beginner side of intermediate? I’m not ready yet for the really expensive ones (and I would be too intimidated anyway). I’m not needing/wanting any luxury accommodations or dining – I’m just looking to pack a backpack with granola bars and coffee thermos, sleep anywhere from a decent hotel (as long as its clean and safe) to even a tent , and just focus on the destination and improving my photography.

    Here is kind of where I am coming from: I’m a pretty busy person with a day job – and while I can afford the National Geographic trips if I really wanted to but I’m not there yet skill wise, or passion wise. Plus I’m young and fit and don’t like being catered to when traveling. There are a thousand trips within the US that I’d love to go on at any point in time which usually amounts to me not going anywhere – I’d love/need one to focus on and plan around. I’m just a busy, lazy, easily distracted, procrastinating millennial 😉 but perhaps others can relate to some of this and would be interested in the low key travel photography workshop I’m looking for. And perhaps some less experienced professional photographers would want to do one to get some more experience. Or perhaps even the more experienced pros would be interested in doing an occasional “backpacking workshop” or wouldn’t mind having a few people kind of “tag along” on a project of theirs, perhaps doing a class or two in between whatever their main objective is? I’d certainly pay for that and would be thrilled to have a set destination and time, and a group to go with!

    Just in case, I’m in Houston and would be most interested doing tours anywhere in the southwest and California!

    Anyway, again, great podcast!



  12. I been on photography for about two years. I mainly been boing it for school. I enjoyed it so much so I decided to start my own business. My wife is strictly against me doing any type of nude. I recently did a photo shoot with a new model I met on Facebook. I told my wife and one thing she said that she’s not a model. She not a professional that she has heard of so she is just a person who wants to take pictures. She said a model is someone like Tyra Banks. She went with me on this shoot because she said wants to be apart it and help. We get there and I’m waiting on the model and my wife starts talking to a woman about her dog. Once the model gets there we say hello and I never introduced my wife. I was pressed for time due to the time was 6pm and the sun was going down. My wife is upset because of that and we have an argument. Around the same time I have an assignment to due for school which is figure photography. I tried to explain to her about the assignment and seemed to not even care. So I had not choice but to use my daughter and use none nude shots that still got me an A. Sometimes it feel that she doesn’t trust me. She also asked me if I saw the models’ pictures first. I said yes. Then she asked if there were any nudes. I told her that I saw one because it was in a group of all her pictures and there’s no way not to see, but I did see more than one as I scrolled down. She feels that I disrespected her by looking at another woman naked.

    What is the best way to run my business and tell people if they ask for nude shots?

    Should be ok for a married man or woman shoot nude photos?

    Love the show.

    1. Author

      @Marcus – Yesterday was my 9th wedding anniversary. In 9 years my wife and I have never argued, which has made our family a very happy place. I travel around the world taking pictures, but I never want to leave for very long because I prefer being home with my family. I don’t pretend that the standards that have worked in our marriage are the only way to be happy, but we decided when we were first married that we’d be PERFECTLY loyal to one another and PERFECTLY honest. Your wife doesn’t seem to trust you and you resent that. Yet, you mentioned right in your comment that you weren’t perfectly honest with her. So it shouldn’t surprise you that she mistrusts you. It would be natural for a spouse to be jealous of a husband’s enjoyment of seeing a naked model. My advice is to be fiercely, ridiculously honest and loyal to each other and just drop the nude photography obsession. Wives don’t get jealous of you photographing landscapes.

  13. I am new listener to your podcast so i don’t know if you covered about sharpness in photo before. I hear you talk about photo not being sharp enough. As a photographer who is just starting out, how do i spot if my landscape pictures are sharp enough or not?

  14. I’d like to say that it has been a very poor decision to make your popup window run away and keep pestering the viewers as they attempt to exit your page. It is particularly annoying and it puts me off exploring your website further.
    Forgive me for being only negative, but I wouldn’t spend more time finding the good things.

  15. Hey Jim I love you, but I bought a Nikon D750 after you raved about it! I love the photos from it. Went from a Panasonic gx7 mirrorless micro four thirds, which I really enjoyed by the way. This is the thing, now I’m tempted to follow you to Fuji, but worry I won’t get the bokeh I get from my d750 full frame that the smaller micro four thirds didn’t get close to. I know the Fuji is aps-c, do you get the shallow depth of field compared to the full frame d750?

  16. Hi Jim
    Read your article on swapping from Nikon to Fuji – with mild amusement.
    I’ve recently done something vaguely similar – swapped from my Nikon compact to a Canon [almost] compact. I never thought I’d ever break ranks and go for a Canon, but this one is rather fund – it’s their PowerShot G1 X Mk II – a weird choice, and a weird cam, but it’s FUN.
    I don’t get why you had to go from one extreme to the other – I have a full frame (always have had – way back to about 60 years ago, when I bought my first Zeiss 35mm cam) – I have a half frame, which I use for entirely different purposes – and I have a “pocket” job, so I never get caught again without a camera, which is FAR the worst thing that can go wrong. EVERYTHING else has to fall into line behind that one. Including (apparently, now) getting a slightly larger pocket, to shove the G1 X into.
    No it won’t compete with your Fuji – but you admit that the Fuji doesn’t wallop the D810 – anyway, I’ve just been through a pile of competition entries on National Geographic (which excels in high quality photography !!!!) and one of the best photos in the competition was taken on a very “lowly” cam – you’d be well aware of the fact it ain’t the machine, it’s the operator that takes the photo. And like your reaction to the Fuji, I am thrilled with what the G1 X can produce – for what I use it for, it’s a wonderful cam – won’t go into the pluses & minuses here, but I openly admit it’s not a camera for everyone.
    I guess we each chase our own dreams.
    Anyway, I didn’t want a whole new kit – a half decent zoom on a compact cam with a reasonably large sensor was the starting point – a tilt frame was essential (fed up with the sun blanking out the screen on the back of the Nikon compact) – a touch screen was a big plus – and the optional EVF was also a plus. Oh – and I can even get a lens hood, which most compacts sadly lack.
    Fuji intrigues me – if I ever decide to requip & junk my Nikon full frame & half frame gear, I’d give Fuji serious thought.

  17. I would love it if you guys would do a review of different companies who offer metal prints. I use Bay – like almost everyone else who prints on metal – but I know there are a million other companies that print on metal as well. I’ve tried a few out, but it seems that among those I’ve tried, Bay is the best. But they’re pricey. If there’s an alternative out there that provides similar quality at lower prices, I’d love to know about it.

  18. Hi Jim,

    I’ve got a couple questions. First, I’m using LR CC, and shoot everything in RAW on my Canon 6D. I then download images to my Macbook Pro, edit them, and then save them to an external drive. Should I convert them to JPG or DNG or Original when exporting to the external HD?

    Second, why do photos that I round trip from LR to PS and back, increase so dramatically in file size? I’m send 20 MP photos to PS, and getting 100 MP photos back. What am I supposed to do with files this size? And, is there a way to eliminate this problem. Thanks so much for your website and podcast. I subscribe to both, and really appreciate your enthusiasm and free flow of information. Best.

  19. I Jim, i´m from Spain, long time listener and podcaster also here in my country. I have a matter to tell/ ask to you about the name of your podcast and also about my project and i don´t know where is the proper channel to do it. Please tell me the way and i will explain in detail. Thanks!

  20. Im trying to find out if the presets that Jim is advertising for sale will work with Corel Paintshop Pro X8 Ultimate?

  21. Is there a phone number I can call to get answers quicker?
    Thank you

  22. I am trying to do a complicated sky replacement that has snow capped mountains against a light sky. When I say Nick’s video on sky replacement I thought I would see if his procedure would work on my image but my version of photoshop CC 2015 5.0 release does not have the “Refine Edge” button. Also, it would be nice to have the same image files that Nick is using and be able to process the same images to see if I can get similar results.

  23. I have inadvertently downloaded your product twice, but only require one, could you please arrange to reimburse me

  24. Hi
    Great stuff but a few type-o’s and it is the GROOM who breaks the glass during a Jewish wedding ceremony and the mothers of the bride and groom who break a plate (If this isnt done at the engagement) before the wedding ceremony begins.

  25. My computer has been getting hijacked by various individuals for 20 months. Its cost me my career and having to remove everything about myself off line, as different magazines joined in to use my personal life as an online
    ridiculing joke. This magazine seems to be participating in this

  26. Hi i really love your board on pinterest called “Photography Tips & Ideas” I have a lot of great info on this niche and would love to to join your board. If you could send an invite to me it would be really appreciated, thanks 🙂

    My email is

  27. Hey,

    I was just checking out your site, and was very impressed.

    We make engaging 90 – 120 second videos that explain businesses and engage audiences, at the highest level.

    Being that we are an American team located in Israel, our rates are affordable , while the quality cannot be beaten.

    Want to hear more?

    You can check out our work at

    Let me know when is a good time to talk, and we can jump on a call.

    Greetings from Jerusalem,


  28. Just a suggestion — Would it be possible to add a link on the IP+ (Improve Photography subscription site) back to the main website. As a subscriber it would make navigating easier to all the great content being shared.

  29. On your web site you indicate that the sale will return on the November 31st – I hate to point out that there are only 30 days in November so can you clarify the actual sales date?

    Are there any “Back to School” savings now?


  30. Hi I am heading to Iceland at the end of the month
    Any opinions on places to go?
    Also any tips on photography i would appriciate it. Im just starting out and haven’t had many crits on my work.


  31. Jim,

    I am wondering if you have a method for me to make a donation to you/your site. I do not wish to take lessons at this time but I have found your site to be the single most useful photography resource on the internet and I would like to say “thank you” by way of cash.


  32. Jim,

    I’ve taken the plunge and bought and started shooting with my xt2. So far so good. But I do need practice.

    I have read your article about your speed light recommendations. Is the youngnuo still your number one choice? I do wish that they would allow u to use high synch speed.

    Have u tried the Fuji flash ef x500? As far as I can see u need to use 2 flashes in order to do off camera flash. Are u aware of any triggers working so that u can use 1 flash?

    Also I have been able to use my sb910 in manual mode in the hot shoe. However using it off camera with my pocket wizzard it sometimes works and sometimes it does not. Can u think of why this is happening?

    Thank u for your time and all your advice. I really appreciate it.

  33. Hi Jim,
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU. I started watching your tutorials last month and in the first one you said “I don’t want you to be the person that owns their camera for 3 years and still uses the program modes”. Guess what? That was ME!! It was like you spoke to me. And from that first lesson to now, WOW. What difference. I am almost embarrassed at how little I knew about photography in all that time. Now, thanks to you, I have such an understanding of the basics, I kick myself for not getting off my butt sooner. Thank you Jim. You have inspired me to better my understanding and now am always adjusting and experimenting with my settings and light sources etc.
    You are the master.
    Cheers from Melbourne, Australia


    I would like to find an article from 07/25/2015. On page 9 ( it headlines “Burn-in Test a new drive) I have a Mac and am missing pages11-13.

  35. I have been listening to your podcast now for several months and truly enjoy them. I know you have talked about drones here and there on your shows, but what I would really like to see is a show just about drones, possibly a 2 or 3 part show if need be.

    Goal would be to review 5 drones in each of 2 categories. Drones for professional use and drones for Semi-Professional such as for advanced consumers which offer high quality video/features.

    I would like to know about it’s video quality, still camera quality, range (type of wireless), features, build quality and customer service support within the USA.

    Thank you.

  36. I am looking specifically for a wedding contract for photography. It must be a contract written with Canadian law and clients in mind. Have you anything like this?

  37. Improve Retreat

    I really want to go to the retreat, but I don’t know if the level will be high for my knowledge, skill, experience. I’m a hobbyist photographer. My equipment is a Canon 60D a 18-135mm kit lens, Canon 50mm, and a Canon 10-22mm.


  39. Hello i bought your photography course – but my computer was hacked and I had to clear it – i forgot to take note of the course details and now i can’t find it. Do you have a record please of my purchase. I bought it on line.
    Thank you

  40. for someone who shoots kids, travel, street, everyday happening what camera would you recommend? fuji XT10 or Olympus OMD 5 Mark II?

  41. Love the Photo Taco Podcasts!! Just perfect!

    In the episode re LR Smart Previews, Jeff explained his new culling procedure.
    One question: He told us to temporarily rename the RAW Images Folder in order to take advantage of the time savings using the Smart Previews.
    Where are the Smart Previews stored on my Mac if they are not part of the RAW Images Folder?
    Are they in a separate folder?

    And keep up the great work.
    You’re going to make a photographer out of me yet!

  42. Good afternoon,

    I regularly listen to your podcasts along with following along on Facebook. All the information helps immensely for the hobby photographer.

    I read your article on the Fuji XT10, and made the switch from Canon back in January. Love the Fuji, other than when you have to convert the photos from Raw to Jpeg for them to work with Light room.
    If you have to convert them to Jpeg before working on them, then why shoot in Raw? I understand the reason to shoot in Raw, but not if Fuji makes you convert. That part confuses me.

    Thanks for helping me wrap my head around this one.

  43. To whom it may concern,

    purchased a lesson from your website for $15.00 but cannot download the lesson. If I am required to have a
    website to participate in any lessons, than please cancel my purchase for lessons. As I do not have a website.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter
    S.M. Edwards

  44. Hi There,

    I’m reaching out to discuss desktop and mobile video monetization opportunities. Xertive is one of the largest video networks in the industry and we have a great portfolio of fortune 500 brand advertisers and agencies. We provide publishers different monetization solutions and we would love to work with you.

    Please let me know if we can proceed.


  45. Hi Jim,
    I just wanted to send a quick email to follow up with you about my message from last week. Was this the right email to get in touch with?
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  46. Jim,

    I had purchased your 2017 Presets, and I am just getting around to installing them.

    Since I had no trouble installing your 2016 Presets, I thought that the 2017 installation would be a snap. I was wrong, I need help!

    I’ve watched your videos, and reread the instructions several times, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to install the 2017 Presets on my MAC.

    I really need assistance to install the 2017 Presets. Without assistance, I may as well forget about using your 2017 Presets, and just continue with your 2016 set.

    How can I gain assistance?

  47. Jim,

    I had purchased your 2017 Presets, and I am just getting around to installing them.

    Since I had no trouble installing your 2016 Presets, I thought that the 2017 installation would be a snap. I was wrong, I need help!

    I’ve watched your videos, and reread the instructions several times, I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to install the 2017 Presets on my MAC.

    I really need assistance to install the 2017 Presets. Without assistance, I may as well forget about using your 2017 Presets, and just continue with your 2016 set.

    How can I gain assistance?

  48. I am interested in learning more about workshops/trips in 2017. Do you have anything online?

  49. Hi Jim

    I am quite new to photography I have purchased your online videos that I found to be very easy to follow and understand I have also read loads of articles and tips from your website and I am very impressed with how easy you make learning. I have just purchased my second of your recommendations 1st 50mm lense 2nd yonguno yn-560 flash and tx. Just wondering when you say wide as possible in flash do you mean low zoom?

    I can not recommend this website enough and tell everyone who will listen to have a look. Even my wife knows your voice because of how many videos I watch lol.
    6 star review

    Adam (U.K.)


  51. Where do I download the course i just bought? You’ve sent me a validation code but i dont see anywhere on your website to put this code in and download the modules

  52. General comment: I may be missing it, but I cannot find a by-line or posting date on many of the articles being posted. When writing in the first person; knowledge of the author’s identity is particularly important. In Addition, critical evaluation of the validity of a point-of-view is often conditional on the source. Therefore, I implore you to include a by-line and posting date to articles. Finally, keep “feeding” me this valuable information.

  53. Hi,
    Just wondering if you are still making the photo locations app.

  54. Hello! I’ve been hobbying photography for a few years now, and I’ve began to start taking it extremely serious. I’m so lucky I have found Improve Photography to help me along my journey!
    Within the past few days, I’ve actually had a lot of time to go through articles, and amazingly I’ve gone through all of the free ones you have accessible!
    Thank you so much for all you have done for the photography community!
    Adriana R.

  55. Hey Jim,
    I hate to ask but is there anyway I could get beta access to your really good photo location app?
    I’m going out of town next week to a new place and I keep thinking about how useful your app would be.
    Shot in the dark but figured I’d ask

  56. Hi. I am not interest in photo and do not want all messages from you. How can we stop this?

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