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A Beginner’s Guide to Macro Photography

In Features by Rusty Parkhurst6 Comments

As we go about our daily lives, it’s all too easy to overlook (aka, take for granted) the finer details of things around us. Attention-grabbing grand vistas and epic landscape scenes tend to hold us in a sensory-overloaded trance. Macro photography is an excellent way to break out of that trance and dive into the …

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A Quick Guide to Smart Collections in Lightroom Classic

In Features by Rusty Parkhurst2 Comments

Adobe Lightroom is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools for post-production of photos. It also does a very good job of keeping images organized and everything where it should be for easy access. That is, as long as it is used properly. One aspect of Lightroom’s organizational structure is Collections. There are two types …

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13 iPhone X Camera Tips You Won’t Want to Forget

In Features by Brad Goestsch4 Comments

Anybody who has ever put any belief behind the ad campaigns produced by Apple showing incredible photos and video #ShotOniPhone has wondered exactly what they did to produce those amazing images. While there are often extreme measures taken to capture some of those images, this article on 13 iPhone X Camera Tips You Won’t Want …

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8 Surprising Facts About Civil War Photographer Mathew Brady

In Features by Andy Perkins7 Comments

Mathew Brady has been called the father of photojournalism. His name is synonymous with the images showing the struggles, triumphs, and human costs of the Civil War. But there are many things you might not know about this icon and photography pioneer. Mathew Brady was an artist, an innovator, an entrepreneur, and a household name …

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11 New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers

In Features by Brad GoestschLeave a Comment

Regardless of where we stand in our photography, there is always something we can do a little better. And, let’s face it, those typical cliché New Year’s resolutions like, “lose some weight” or “stick to my budget” are doomed to failure before we even hit January 1. So, perhaps we should focus our efforts on …

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LRTimelapse Complete Review: Is it Worth the Money?

In Features by Rusty Parkhurst8 Comments

Timelapse videos have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it a really cool way to showcase the dynamic world around us in a way that single still images cannot, but they are also a lot of fun to shoot and create. Shooting and processing timelapses isn’t …

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6 Things to Check Before Entering a Photography Competition

In Features by Julian Baird6 Comments

Most photographers will at some point aspire to win a major photography competition.  Whether you’re a professional or a keen amateur, winning a competition can bring significant prestige and prize money.  However, not all photography competitions are created equal, and the rules, prizes and T&C’s can vary significantly.  In this article, I tell you about …

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8 Cures for Your Photography Funk

In Features, Photo Basics by Brenda Petrella2 Comments

We’ve all had those “off” days. The light isn’t great, the weather is “meh”, you forget to grab charged batteries, your tripod head keeps sticking, you get stuck in traffic and so have less time to explore and shoot. The list could go on and on. Whatever the catalyst, we photographers have days (sometimes weeks!) …

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How to Frame a Photo Print on the Cheap

In Features by Michael Allen1 Comment

Framing is an incredible experience. If you have never had an opportunity to frame your work, you should try it. Take one of your absolute favorite images, print it (as with all things photography – the bigger the better), and have it framed. Either learn how to do it yourself, or take it to a …