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Haida Filter System: In-Depth Review

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by Frank Gallagher2 Comments

The Haida filter system gives photographers one more choice in the competitive photography filter market.  The company makes the standard screw-on filters as well as square and rectangular drop in filters.  However, Haida is one of the few that make the large 150mm square and rectangular filters and a filter holder that will work with bulbous lenses like the Tamron …

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How to Use Motion Blur to Improve Your Photos

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by GregNoel2 Comments

  How to use motion blur to improve your photos. My most recent article I discussed how to take sharp photos in low light situations because perfectly sharp images are the goal for most photos.  As photographers, we are obsessed with sharpness and perfectly sharp images.  We spend more money on lenses and cameras that promise sharpness, we argue and …

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Photography Backdrops: A guide for a complete beginner

In Uncategorized by Mark Morris2 Comments

I shoot a lot of portraits.  In all of the years that I have shot photography, I have never once owned a backdrop.  A great environmental portrait is absolutely remarkable.  But as someone that markets themselves as a portrait photographer, I feel that it’s 100% essential that I have a decent knowledge and understanding of backdrops, and what better way …

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Breakthrough Photography Announces 100mm Square Filters. I shot the prototype.

In Uncategorized by Mark Morris4 Comments

Breakthrough Photography has recently released the details of their newest endeavor – entering the drop-in filter market.  Frequent listeners and readers had already caught wind of at least some of the coming product line, with both Nick Page & I having announced previously that we have been shooting with prototype drop-in filters from Breakthrough. For anyone who is unfamiliar with …

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Why You Should Do A Styled Photography Shoot

In Marketing/Business, Uncategorized by Stanley Harper1 Comment

Investing in ourselves is the most important thing we can do as photographers. From gear to software to websites to training, investing in ourselves is a continuing process. One of the best investments we can make as a photographer if we shoot portraits and weddings is to participate in a styled photography shoot. The benefits of participating in a styled …

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21 Photography Tips for Paris

In Photo Locations, Uncategorized by Brent Huntley2 Comments

I spent seven nights in Paris a few months back and had great intentions of adding to the great series of “A Photographer’s Guide to … (Boston, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Glacier,  Philadelphia and so on)” we have seen on the website recently.  Unfortunately, our second day there, the whole family came down with something.  I never fully recovered and, while …