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14 Ways Shooting Still Life Can Improve Your Photography

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As a new photographer, there’s a lot to learn.  Camera controls, composition, lighting, lens selection and more.  Try action, sports, or even wildlife photography and while you puzzle over exposure settings the shot is missed.  Try portraiture and your subject may become impatient while you’re trying to get the light right or find the right …

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Ideas for Making Great Rain Photos

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Rain, rain, go away.  Little Johnny wants to play. Johnny must not have been a photographer.  If he was, he might know that when the weather gets bad, the photos get good.  Rainy days often provide the drama, the light, and interesting subjects to photograph.  The key is knowing what to shoot and how to …

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7 Great Photography Documentaries with a Message

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My wife and I were recently watching a documentary about two photographers collaborating on a fascinating project.  It got me wondering about other documentaries about photographers and photography.  Which ones give you more than a biography of the artist?  Which ones raise interesting questions about life, relationships, and our purpose on this planet?  Which ones …

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5 Tips to Prepare for a Photo Workshop

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You’re looking forward to going to a workshop and coming back with lots more photography knowledge and some killer images.  Doing a few, pretty simple things before you leave can dramatically increase your enjoyment during the workshop, and the amount of knowledge, skills and great photos you’ll come back with. There’s no shortage of choices …

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Tenba Cooper 15: A real-world review

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Overview The Tenba Cooper 15 and others in the Cooper Series were released in fall 2015.  So it has been available now just over 2 years.   So why do a review of the bag now?   I was recently in the market for a new bag, and I came across the Tenba Cooper as an option …