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Understanding Sony’s Autofocus Settings

In Photo Basics by Bryan Striegler7 Comments

I really can’t imagine being a photographer 40 or 50 years ago. The technology of the cameras was so different and you had to switch rolls of film so often. What really would be difficult for me is manually focusing every shot. I have to manually focus when I do video, and it can really …

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Flash Photography Camera Settings for Beginners

In Photo Basics by Matt Gavin5 Comments

Strap on that speedlight and follow me!! FLash photography is an awesome way to make a step change improvement to your photography.  For me, flash photography was a technique that really improved my images almost instantly, whereas learning other aspects of photography yielded more incremental improvements.  Flash is a great way to add drama to your …

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23 Easy Tips For Better Smartphone Pictures

In Photo Basics by Bastian Bodyl5 Comments

Smartphones are taking over in photography. They have very capable cameras and you have them every time with you. There are also some professional photographers who switched to the smartphone like Ako Salemi, a photographer form the Iran. He does not want to be recognised as a professional photographer, so he takes all pictures with …

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Using Off-Camera Flash to Save Photos and Be Creative

In Photo Basics by Bryan Striegler5 Comments

Using flash is very frightening for a lot of photographers. Many have learned to use on-camera flash and bounce it off the ceiling and walls. Others have taken it a step farther and learned how to use off-camera flash. This is really when you’re free. You’re free to work in basically any situation (midday sun, …

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What is AE-Lock on a Camera?

In Photo Basics by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

You’ve seen the little button on your camera and wondered “What the heck is AE-Lock? What does it do? Is it something I should be using and, if so, when?” This article will cover the ins and outs of what you need to know about Auto Exposure Lock. What is AE-Lock? Auto Exposure Lock is …

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5 Well Known Photographers that Still Shoot Film

In Photo Basics by Michael Allen3 Comments

Film photography has been in the photographer’s news frequently. There was a particular website on which an article suggesting the antiquation of film photography was posted; the article has since been taken down, but it caused quite a stir not only for its content but also for plagiarizing an image from a photographer. One of …