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10 Sure-Fire Drone Photography Composition Tips

In Features, Photo Basics by Matt Gavin0 Comments

“Composition IS the masterpiece, lighting is the mood, technique is just the presentation” – Jim Harmer Flying drones, and drone photography are alot of fun, and taking the world by storm.  There is no doubt about it, it’s great to take your drone out and just fly it.  But we’re Photographers, right?  Our purpose for flying camera drones is not …

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13 Photography Mistakes I Wish I Could Undo

In Photo Basics by Kirk Bergman4 Comments

Photography has been my hobby for the last 10 years, give or take a few months.  In the last 2 years I started my own business and shoot professionally (part time) as a real estate photographer.  I am nowhere near perfect and I’ve had some incredible set backs.  Today we’ll go over 13 mistakes I’ve made, some big and some …

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S1 and S2 Modes on a Flash: What’s the difference?

In Photo Basics by Matt Gavin0 Comments

Flash photography can be quite daunting but once learnt, can provide an edge to your photography and give amazing professional looking results.  Shooting in TTL, S1 and S2 modes or using a trigger, once the basics of flash photography are understood, it can be very simple to really make a step change in your photography. It is one of the …

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1, 2, & 3 Point Compositions in Real Estate Photography

In Photo Basics by Kirk Bergman19 Comments

Real estate, architectural, and interior photography draw a lot of their compositional guidelines from drawn art.  Think back to your 7th grade art class where you learned about vanishing points.  This is the point at which all parallel lines meet on the horizon.  This stems from what we actually see in real life: things get smaller as they get further …

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ETTR, ETTL and ISO Invariance: Which is Right for You?

In Photo Basics by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

In any type of photography, getting the right exposure is important.  But, is the best exposure one where the histogram is evenly spread out like a bell curve, one where it leans towards the right (ETTR) or to the left (ETTL)or do modern sensors make it all meaningless through ISO invariance? If you’ve been around photography for a while, you’ve …