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Safety Tips for Photographing a Solar Eclipse

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan0 Comments

A solar eclipse is one of the great spectacles of nature. A total solar eclipse in particular, although brief, could be a once in a lifetime experience for some people, which makes capturing a photo of it all the more enticing. Along with the excitement of experiencing the event, however, comes the need to take a variety of precautions. So, …

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How to Geotag Photos Even If Your Camera Has No GPS

In Landscape/Nature by Christopher Mowers1 Comment

My camera does not have GPS built in. Most cameras don’t have GPS built in; for whatever reason, the camera manufacturers have for the most part left these to be expensive add on modules. I will tell you though that despite this, I have been accurately geotagging my photos for over two years, even though my primary camera in that …

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15 Tips For Photographing Bryce Canyon National Park

In Landscape/Nature by Nathan1 Comment

  In my own personal opinion Bryce is kind of one of those forgotten step children of the icons of Southern Utah. Not nearly as forgotten as Capitol Reef but not nearly photographed as  Zion or Arches National Park. Because of this, almost all the compositions that come out of Bryce Canyon are… the same. Literally almost all the photographs …

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55 Landscape Photography Tips

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer3 Comments

Landscape photography is, by far, the favorite genre of photography among Improve Photography readers.  So today, some tips from the community for landscape photography.  Thank you to all who submitted ideas! Compose When You’re Out of Focus When composing a shot, I often like to put my lens somewhat out of focus. It helps me concentrate on the patterns of …

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10 Most Overcrowded Photography Locations on Earth

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer15 Comments

As I have traveled the world taking photos with readers of Improve Photography over the last 8 years, I have many times felt disillusioned with massive photographer crowds at some of the locations.  The allure of a photo of a monkey bathing in a natural hot spring is ruined when you learn that there are hundreds of others standing right …