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50 Popular Hashtags For Landscape Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Tracy Munson0 Comments

Since Instagram dumped the chronological feed last year, hashtagging your photos has never been more important. Photos that don’t get a lot of engagement within a short period after being posted will drop further and further down on followers’ feeds and into obscurity. If you love capturing epic photos of the great outdoors, you’ll want to copy this list of …

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The Ultimate Landscape Photography Packing List

In Landscape/Nature by Julian Baird5 Comments

You’ve spent hours planning your visit to your next landscape photography location, but have you given any thought to the kit you are taking?  Most landscape photographers won’t head out without some sort of a plan.  The weather will be checked, tide times verified and sun/moon charts referenced.  After all, a good plan will increase the chances of a successful …

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The Best Lenses for Milky Way Photography

In Gear, Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan0 Comments

Milky Way photography has grown steadily in popularity in recent years. It used to be that crowded landscape photo locations would be deserted once the last light of sunset faded away. Now, photographers stay out late into the night, and I find that my chances of bumping into someone at 2 a.m. in a dark, secluded spot are much higher …

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Clik Elite Contrejour 40 Camera Bag Review

In Gear, Landscape/Nature by Nathan4 Comments

Probably most of the audience out there have never heard of or seen the brand Clik Elite. This camera accessories company that mostly produces backpacks is located right here in my home town of St. George, Utah. With the testing grounds of Zion National Park and the other rugged environments of the region, Clik Elite has come up with some …

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How To Use an ND Filter in 8 Easy Steps

In Landscape/Nature by Julian Baird4 Comments

In this article, I will share with you a robust and repeatable workflow that will ensure that each time you use an ND filter you’ll get great results.  The Neutral Density (ND) filter remains an essential piece of equipment for many photographers.  Their use can extend exposure times to several minutes and can make focusing and exposure tricky, so having a solid workflow …