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Canon 6D Mark II Specs Leaked

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The Canon 6D is one of the most popular cameras among Improve Photography readers.  In fact, it’s the third most popular camera among Improve Photography readers (following the Nikon D750 and the Canon 5D Mark III).  The Canon 6D Mark II will undoubtedly be a popular camera as well. Nokishita Camera leaked the specs of the upcoming 6D Mark II. …

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ISIS Uses the DJI Phantom to Drop Grenades on US Troops

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Nice shot of the improvised release mechanism ISIL is using to drop grenades from commercial off the shelf UAVs — Alex Mello (@AlexMello02) January 11, 2017 The DJI Phantom is a fantastic photography tool, but unfortunately, it’s being used with a much different purpose in the Middle East. ISIS has purchased thousands of widely-available consumer drones to drop ordnance …