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How to Get Pro-Quality Sports Photos in a School Gym

In Sports Photography by Jim Harmer5 Comments

High school gymnasiums can offer a multitude of photographic opportunities – basketball games, crowd shots and other school events. But they can also have the most abysmal lighting conditions around.  Just how do you get a clear photograph in a dark, often mixed lighting environment?  With a little bit of know-how and preparation you can! …

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How to Photograph Crossfit Competitions

In Sports Photography by Jesse Park6 Comments

I am a Los Angeles based photographer who works on mostly lifestyle shoots around the city. I discovered the world of Crossfit about four years ago after getting completely bored with my normal gym routine and have been doing Crossfit ever since. Over the past couple of years I started shooting local Crossfit competitions for …

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4 Tips for Shooting Sports in the Rain

In Sports Photography by Dave Miller1 Comment

Fall is here and the weather is changing. Gone are the days of bright and harsh sunlight and now for the cloudy and gloomier days.  The clouds we like as a sports photographer because the bright summer sunlight can be harsh and cause shadows on faces.  I heard one photographer once say “clouds are natures …

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Ultimate Guide to Photographing Sports at Night

In Sports Photography by Brian Pex4 Comments

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at Photography  for a night High School football game or any indoor sporting event in the past knows that the challenges presented are many. Night Sports Photography (Or low light Indoor Sports Photography) can be and is very challenging. The light is not what we would consider “good …

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7 Tips For Rodeo Photography

In Sports Photography, Uncategorized by Stanley Harper5 Comments

Rodeo photography is one of those genres that allows a photographer to capture sights that will transport the viewer back in time. In this article, I will toss out some tips that will help you have a decent foundation to shoot rodeo. Rodeo was formed out of the dust of ranches throughout North America. It …

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5 Reasons to Outsource Post Processing

In Post-processing, Sports Photography by Dave Miller6 Comments

  Aside from taking the actual pictures many of us photographers enjoy the post processing part of the workflow.  This could be simple exposure adjustments to cropping and straightening to running a Lightroom preset or some spot/blemish removal.  It is not unusual to perform any of these during post processing after a photo shoot. However, …

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Advanced Sports Composites

In Post-processing, Sports Photography by Dave Miller2 Comments

In my previous article I discuss making sports composites.  Whenever you mention composite images to a client they immediately ask “they aren’t going to look fake?”  I am not sure how or why this is the first reaction but I think it has to do with what is chosen as the background and feet. Why do …