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When Do You Need a Model Release? A lawyer answers.

In Portrait by Jim Harmer5 Comments

Most portrait photographers think that to use a photo of a person in a commercial way, they must get a model release; however, this is only partially true.  In actuality, there are a number of situations where someone’s image can be used commercially without a model release, and also some situations where a model release …

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Avid Releases Impressive Video Editor–And it’s free!

In News by Jim Harmer5 Comments

Most film makers without a Hollywood budget use either Apple’s Final Cut Pro (my personal choice) or Adobe Premiere Pro (for those who enjoy waiting long periods of time) to edit their videos; but what if you had a Hollywood budget?  What do the pros use?  There are a number of solutions, but Avid is …

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55 Landscape Photography Tips

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer3 Comments

Landscape photography is, by far, the favorite genre of photography among Improve Photography readers.  So today, some tips from the community for landscape photography.  Thank you to all who submitted ideas! Compose When You’re Out of Focus When composing a shot, I often like to put my lens somewhat out of focus. It helps me …

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Free Iceland Photography Guide Book

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer5 Comments

The last time I went to Iceland, I spent my time on the 8 hour flight from Idaho to Iceland writing this guide book.  It had been my intention to make it a product that I sold, but I’ve decided to make it free! Why free?  Because I just released an app called Really Good Photo …

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Floating Bird: Camera’s Frame Rate Synced to Bird’s Wings

In News by Jim HarmerLeave a Comment

What happens when a video camera’s frame rate is perfectly in time with the beating of a bird’s wings?  It looks like the bird is levitating in mid-air without beating its wings. Al Brooks from Austin Texas experienced this exact phenomenon recently when his security camera captured a bird up-close. We’ve seen this phenomenon before …

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This Timelapse Video Will Be the Best 3 Minutes of Your Day

In News by Jim Harmer8 Comments

Tom Lowe just released an absolutely stunning trailer of timelapse and slow motion video of man’s connection with the world and technology.  It’ll be the best 3 minutes of your day. The video was created over a period of 5 years with filming in more than 30 countries.  If you watch the video and wonder …

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The Lightroom Manifesto: Adobe has lost its way

In News by Jim Harmer38 Comments

I’m not happy with what I’m writing.  I don’t like calling people out and spreading negativity on the web.  However, I feel passionate about Lightroom and I believe it’s being mishandled.  I’ll keep my tone in this piece as positive as I can, and rather than just complaining, I will suggest an easy change Adobe …