Would You Help Young Photographers?


Hey photo nerds! I’m writing to ask for your help.  Actually, it’s not me who needs your help but thousands of young photographers who are learning photography in schools across the world. I recently spoke to a young teenage girl who is learning photography in school.  The school does not have any cameras capable of CONTINUE

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Canon 5D Mark III

Unless Canon and Nikon change their course immediately, they are soon to be eaten up by camera manufacturers who are implementing technologies made cheap by the smart phone industry.

Relax, trolls. I’m not suggesting that a phone can compare with a DSLR in terms of image quality.  And yes, I recognize that you could make a comparison like the one below with different stats and show how the 5D Mark III would kick the iPhone’s butt.  That’s not the point. However, a growing contingent of CONTINUE