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5 Actionable Steps To Improve Your Photography Next Year

In Features by Mark Morris5 Comments

‘Tis the season for making resolutions, affirmations and plans for the upcoming year.  There is something very exciting and almost rejuvenating about the idea of a fresh start in a new year.  The idea of the “failed” resolution is almost more common than the concept of resolutions themselves.  So, in today’s article, I plan to …

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10 Tips for Cold Weather Photography

In Features by Rusty Parkhurst4 Comments

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is that time of year again.  The time when the earth’s axial tilt keeps the sun at a lower angle in the sky, the days are shorter, and the temptation to stay inside is greater.  When the temperatures drop and the cold wind is blowing, it …

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016

In Features by Jeff Harmon3 Comments

Welcome to the Improve Photography Holiday Gift Guide 2016!  Below  you will find a list of gift ideas from many of the hosts of podcasts on the Improve Photography network you can share as hints as people are shopping for you or for that photographer in your life.  The hosts have plenty to say when …

Dear Photographer Who My Assistant Wants to Slap…

In Features by Jim Harmer52 Comments

A few minutes ago, I got a message from my amazing assistant, Jesse.  It said simply, “I kind of wanna slap this guy” along with the screenshot (above). Here’s what the screenshot says: “Hi Jim.  I can’t believe I just ordered photography instruction from someone who thinks compositing two photos together makes a good nature “photograph.”  Freakin’ …

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Five Reasons To Consider Mentoring with Erica Kay

In Features by Mark Morris2 Comments

As many of you know, many of the authors and podcasters affiliated with Improve Photography are ‘homegrown.’  I remember hearing on a podcast episode quite some time ago how both Erica and Nick met Jim Harmer at one of the Free Photography Workshops hosted by Improve Photography.  Every good creative, be it a photographer, musician, …

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101 Best Photography Projects to Start Right Now

In Features by Erika Sneeringer58 Comments

Need some ideas for creative and unique photography projects?  Whether it’s a rainy day or you’re stuck in a rut and need a little inspiration, here is a list of 101 photography projects that you can start right now! 1. Create a Photography Bucket List Set goals. Create challenges. Whether you are setting business/career goals …

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10 Tips for Phenomenal Concert Photography

In Features by Mark Morris7 Comments

As both a musician and a photographer, I have spent an extensive amount of time photographing at various types of concerts.  This article is going to offer a number of suggestions to improve your concert photography in a wide variety of situations.  Much of this article will include information related to a concert I was …