[Updated] New Things Coming to Improve Photography. A Letter from Jim Harmer.

After months of thought, I'm excited to bring some new things to Improve Photography today.  I explain all of the reasons and details in this post, but here's the short version.

  • Improve Photography was going to delete the Facebook groups, but no more!  I'm updating this post to change that decision.  The group just means too much to too many people.
  • We are moving our podcasts to one simple feed.  If you're subscribed to the Improve Photography Podcast, you'll now get two episodes per week.  One episode will be the regular IP Podcast but “improved,” and the other will rotate between Photo Taco, Tripod, Latitude, and Portrait Session each week.  I think you'll like this change.

I'll explain the changes and thoughts behind them below, but first I want to sincerely thank all of you for your support.  Making changes like this is never easy, but I believe it's the right direction to go.  Thank you to those who can see the reasons behind it and how this will actually be a very good thing for you.


Why the Podcasts Are Moving to One Feed

The Improve Photography Podcast is one of the very largest and longest running and highest rated photography podcasts out there.  I'm so grateful for the many thousands of people who support it by downloading and listening to our episodes.  Sometimes I'm not sure why you all put up with me.

Improve Photography has also launched a number of other podcasts, like Portrait Session, Tripod, Latitude, Photo Taco, and the late Thoughts on Photography.  The shows have all been successful but the pace of publishing has also spread us quite thin.  There are things I'd love to do on the Improve Photography Podcast which I simply don't have the resources to do with all the other things I do.

Right now, Improve Photography and Photo Taco publish each week, but all the other shows publish only 2-4 weeks in reality.  On average we're getting out 2.7 podcasts per week right now and sometimes they are hurriedly put together since all of the hosts are busy.  Also, when we launch a new show like Latitude, we have to go on a months-long campaign to get everyone to subscribe to the new feed.

The change here is a simple one, which I think will be very positive for listeners.  From now on, podcasts will only publish on the main Improve Photography feed.  We'll publish two shows a week.  On Monday you'll get an episode of one of our podcasts which will rotate between Photo Taco, Tripod, Latitude, and Portrait Session.  On Thursday you'll get an episode of Improve Photography.

Thus, Improve Photography will cease to be a podcast network and will instead be one really awesome podcast that publishes twice a week.  Episodes of the other shows (Photo Taco, Latitude, Tripod, etc) will now be branded as such.  For example, we'll say “This is a Photo Taco episode of Improve Photography” instead of the show being “on the Improve Photography network.”  I believe this will make the branding more clear and succinct.

The podcasts will be better than they've ever been.  The SLIGHTLY reduced publishing schedule (down from 2.7 podcasts per week to just 2 per week) will open up enough bandwidth to do some cool things.  For example:

  • The Improve Photography Hotline!  The conversation about podcasts won't be on Facebook anymore, so it'll continue right on the show.  If you disagree with anything we say on the podcasts, want to ask a question, or you just want to comment on something happening in the photography industry, you can call in and leave a message.  A new segment of the Improve Photography Podcast will be “The Hotline” where we play YOUR thoughts and commentary.  This will make the show more interactive and thought-provoking.  The hotline is ready right now for your thoughts and calls.  Here is how to send audio to the hotline–you can send your thoughts right now for next week's show.
  • Fewer Ads.  I'm also cutting down on the ads so we can have more time for the good stuff.  Right now we do up to four ads per episode, and that is changing to a maximum of 3 ads per episode.  With a target length of 45 minutes per episode, that means no more than 4% of the podcast is advertising.  Compare that to network TV which has an average of 24% advertising time.  The ads on Improve Photography have never turned a profit.  They really only pay for the expenses incurred by the podcast such as paying my assistant to do the publishing, as well as giving the ad broker their cut and hosting, post-production software, etc.
  • Better Research and Prep.  I hate the feeling of hurriedly throwing together a podcast episode 20 minutes before recording.  I feel a lot of responsibility to you all who trust me with your time.  With this new schedule, I can now carve out a significant chunk of my day to prep for each podcast and ensure it's worthy of your download.  Each show will be better produced and have better content.  I'm setting a higher bar for what podcast episodes will be published.
  • More Interviews with Industry Experts.  I almost never do interviews on Improve Photography.  We've only had 3 interviews in the last 75 episodes.  Some interviews are boring.  “I started photography back in the film days… yada yada yada…”  But when interesting news stories are happening in the industry, I want to cover them deeply.  For example, when a new camera is released, I want to be certain we have someone on who has been shooting the camera as a beta tester so you can spend your gear dollars well.  Similarly, when I find people releasing a thought-provoking book on composition or photography as art or whatever, I'd like to have them on and pick their brains.  With this new schedule, I can do that.

To be clear, all you need to do to get all of the updates to the podcasts is to be subscribed to the normal Improve Photography Podcast.  Everything will come on that feed from now on.

Lastly, change is happening to Apple Podcasts which were announced last week at WWDC.  It looks like Apple is finally bringing some features to podcasting which podcasters have wanted for many years.  I'd like to make these changes now to take advantage of a medium which seem to be growing lately.

More Updates

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 13), I'm going to the airport in Boise Idaho.  What country will I be photographing?  I have absolutely no idea.  I had my awesome assistant Jesse book me a plane ticket to a country without telling me where I'm going.  I'm going to show up to the airport, read the ticket, and get on the plane with absolutely zero prep.  Each day during the trip, I'll be posting a photo and you can all guess where I am.  After the trip, I'll be posting a series of 8 videos on the Improve Photography Youtube Channel–one for each day of the trip so you can watch my disasters (probably) in travel photography 🙂  You can follow the adventure by checking ImprovePhotography.com each day where I'll post the picture, and subscribing to the Improve Photography Youtube channel for the videos.

I have now spent over a year working on the Really Good Photo Spots app.  I anticipated a release in March, then April, then May…. ugh… But it's ALMOST ready for launch.  I'm doing the best I can, but this was a harder project than I anticipated.  I sent out a beta copy to 46 testers last week and we discovered 3 last bugs that needed to be squashed.  Today I sent out a release candidate to the testers and if there are no further bugs, we'll be ready for launch.  Keep your fingers crossed!


157 thoughts on “[Updated] New Things Coming to Improve Photography. A Letter from Jim Harmer.”

  1. Everyone remember to update their podcast apps as to how many episodes of Improve Photography to keep.!

    For example, I currently have Overcast to keep only he most recent unplayed episode. With all the podcasts moving to a single feed, and there being two podcasts a week, I need to change that to keep the most 2 or 3 recent unplayed.

    1. Will the previous podcasts still be available somewhere? I am still new to the podcast thing…

      Glad you are getting out of Facebook. Yay!!!!

    2. I like the changes Facebook is always trying to ding me to promote post. Looking forward to the new set up. Have a fun photo adventure. Sounds like a fun time

  2. One quick suggestion, Jim.

    Would it be possible to add the feature to the comments here where a commenter can be notified of replies or further comments to the post? That would encourage a more active discussion.

  3. Jim – this is completely understandable! I, for one will just continue to follow all of you here. & on the podcasts, of course!

    1. Funny thing is, I’ve never even decided to look at the Facebook groups. So for me this is just a nice upgrade for IP.com

  4. “Better Research and Prep. I hate the feeling of hurriedly throwing together a podcast episode 20 minutes before recording…… Each show will be better produced and have better content. I’m setting a higher bar for what podcast episodes will be published.”

    This is SO exciting… I would love to start listening to the podcasts again and actually feel like I’m taking away something from it, like the good old days. Looking forward to change for the better!

    1. Agreed! I might not have commented that I feel things have gotten a bit less…meaty these last few months or so. I’m glad to hear that’s also been noticed by y’all!

      Also, I continue to appreciate how well Jim (usually) manages tangents. He’s very conscious of keeping things on track, unlike almost all other podcasts I love. Even when they’re great podcasts, it’s super irritating to hear the hosts ramble about “DUDE YOU NEVER SAW SCARFACE?!?!?” Even SYSK, another great podcast, is pretty bad about this sometimes.

      Not not Improve Photography! I continue to think of the IP podcasts (most of them, anyway) as models of well-run podcasts. And I think y’all for it.

  5. It’s Facebook’s loss, not ours. I rarely see any Improve Photography posts, I always have to look for them, despite the fact I’m following them. Is that me? Or them?
    I find your honesty and humility refreshing, frankly. We can tell you are a real person with faults like us! Also, I’d rather have a near perfect app, then one that doesn’t work well from the start. Patience is a virtue.
    Hopefully, we can all get into a habit of looking here, although most of us are looking at Facebook first. I agree with Randy, though, in that some of the gear information posts should be updated. Thanks for producing great information about photography.

    1. Thanks Adrienne. I really appreciate the support. I’m looking forward to finding more and more ways to implement the best conversation tools possible here on IP.

  6. Thanks for the head’s up about the changes.

    I hope Jesse at least told you what weather to expect (I’d hate to pack summer gear and find out I’m going to Southern Patagonia!)


  7. Simon Whatley

    Wow. I understand. I know it’s something you’ve all complained about a lot on your podcasts over the past year or so, so of course I’m not totally surprised, just a little saddened. Whilst I rarely received your posts appearing on my timeline I knew to come to the groups to have a quick look and ask my little questions. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me over there in your Facebook groups.
    I’ve grown with you; with the help of you. I will still make the effort to connect with you and I’m hoping that somehow I don’t lose contact with the names and faces I’ve (not) met in your groups. I hope that there’s a way to keep the community connected without joining the Plus wing of your company, but I’m guessing that allowing the sharing of photos and community discussions would be expensive and time consuming to host on your website.

    Whatever happens, thank you Jim for facilitating the groups on Facebook over the past months and years. They were “Really Good Photo Groups”.


    1. What a nice comment. Thank you, Simon.

      I totally understand that any change can be tough, but I think we can make this a positive change. I’m also open to creating a forum here on the website if people think it’d be used enough.

      1. For some reason Photographers do Facebook more than Forums, but I am one to vote for an IP forum. Would be good to have everyone in one location with easy to follow forum threads and posts. I like the idea. Would be nice to be logged in and not need to resubmit my few pieces of info each post too.

        As long as it is a typical forum format where you can scroll the pages without having to open each post and see forum threads, topics etc.

        Thumbs up from me! 😀


      2. I know we’re a dying breed, but I’m still a big forum user. Managing a message board doesn’t have to be the huge headache and time investment it once was, either. I find Xenforo’s software quite user-friendly and customizable both as a user and administrator. I’d happily pony up if you started a GoFundMe to buy the software and get it off the ground.

  8. Jim you’ve done an incredible job creating an amazing community, but with as much respect as I can have for you this is a HUGE mistake. A lot of Randy’s points above are very valid. It seems like there’s a LOT of things that you’re constantly starting, but very few things actually get followed through with and finished. I think the needs of financially paying your bills are skewing your views of reality. Podcasting is a horribly poor financial investment, and I have first hand exprience of how incredible podcasts get skewed when they’re done based on money rather than love.

    Nick, Erika, Conner, Majeed, Ricky, Jeff, and everyone else that cranks out episodes are absolute rockstars and I’d hate for you to loose them as co-workers.

    We love ya man, and you’ve created an empire at IP, but if we didn’t speak up and tell the honest truth we wouldn’t’ be doing the right thing.

    1. Nick, I’m not a perfect person. Yes, I do start things and don’t always finish them. Don’t you? One of the major reasons behind this is that I need to free up time to finish my many projects.

      Woah. None of the podcast hosts are leaving. Actually, I think they’ll be really excited with these changes.

      1. Of course we all make mistakes, and leave projects unfinished. I am only looking at this from a listener perspective. We don’t need fancy apps, new websites, special privilege videos or information, hot-lines, video casts, etc. What we love is a consistent show with the hosts we can relate to. The ones that make their living taking pictures and want to talk about photography simply because they love to shoot. Not because they’re trying to sell us something.

        That’s how IP started, and I see it straying farther and farther from that all the time. You started IP because you lived for taking pictures. Maybe just take a step back and find your roots. That’s all.

        I really do wish you the best of luck from the bottom of my heart. FB and IG is a very efficient platform for me to communicate with friends in an already busy schedule so I will miss seeing the posts and seeing the activity in the groups. Thanks again for everything.

    2. I left a comment like yours Nick, but Jim deleted it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

      1. Randy, please be respectful if you’re going to comment. We don’t need to start calling each other “pathetic.” Our comment policy has always only accepted respectful comments.

        1. Fine, I will repost and leave off the comment pathetic. My criticisms are legitimate. Maybe address them?

        2. Jim, I am criticizing you. Not being disrespectful. You ignore the criticism? Why don’t you address it?

        3. Randy, just take a deep breath. If you’d like to respectfully comment I’d love to tell you my thoughts in response. But when you level personal insults and try to be as inflammatory as possible, it’s tough to have a logical conversation.

    1. Most definitely not. You can comment right here on articles that we post every single day, send in audio feedback on the new hotline, and I’m open to adding a forum to ImprovePhotography.com if there’s enough interest. Two years ago we had a forum and it just didn’t get used much.

        1. Good question, Dunstan. I’m actually moving the conversation with the podcast hosts over to slack so I’m testing out the waters. If it works well, that could be an option.

      1. Wojciech Siewior

        Jim, perhaps the reason why the forum was under-utilized two years ago was the fact that FB was a better/faster/more convenient way to communicate? As flawed as FB is these days from the perspective of the Business, groups still hold a ton of merit. I fear your departure from FB will severely limit your ability to reach new people, and alienate quite a few current members of the community.

        At present, there isn’t much on either IP or IP+ that replaces this channel of communication between members. The instant help that’s available on FB groups for each podcast will be gone I fear.

        I think you should take a look at your analytics and see how many people are interacting with IP (FB, website, podcast, etc) from a mobile device. I suspect it’s a lot. Short of an IP app that includes a channel of communication, I think you’re about to really lose out on a lot of members.

        I wish you success Jim. Hope that I can stay involved somehow since I feel very attached to the hosts. I’ll continue to listen to the podcasts but a big part of me will miss the FB groups.

  9. I salute the change! The timesink in facebook is not worth the return, especially with a network of great podcasts like Improve Photography. Impressing upon me the need to consider doing the same with our little podcast.

    I am really excited for the new Apple Podcast Analytics but it will only be available in full with those who use the Apple app for podcasts.

    I encourage iPhone users to use their Apple Podcast App once statistics go live to help IP track what the users are liking and not liking.

    There are exciting changes coming up and those analytics – once available – will be a great way for the right changes to be made as the path ahead is tweaked and adjusted to make it all work well. Good luck, Jim and everyone! 😀


  10. Fitz-James Muscadin

    Don’t cut my feed bro!!!! Thank you so much for all the awesome content online . I especially am thankful for the podcast, keeps me motivated when am going out to shoot. Now i want to ask , how come i can’t see the IP.com home page ,gear recommendation, articles on the IP+.com site. It’s as if they are two completely different things. Would be nice to only have one URL instead of typing both all the time. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for such a nice comment, Fitz-James. The reason I had to have IP+ on a different site is really because of technical issues. Wordpress was having a tough time running two huge sites and I was facing constant bugs. Sorry about the two URLs!

      1. Fitzjames Muscadin

        Ah ,ok well that makes sense. Well thank you much for the quick explanation. I’ll just make myself a couple of bookmarks on my desktop. Oh and good luck on your secret trip, believe it or not some of us are more excited than you . I can wait to learn how you tackle the challenge of not having ideas of previously made shots of the location.

  11. Completely agree with these changes! I have been looking for a way to leave Facebook for the same reasons, thanks for pioneering this change. Getting to choose what content you see is a very powerful thing, something I don’t want to rely upon Facebook’s money making algorithms for. Thanks for all of the great content, now and in the future!

    1. 99.9% of the time, I go to Facebook only for the groups. I’ve wanted to leave Facebook for quite some time, but haven’t been able to because of groups such as the IP groups. This is one step closer to me doing that!

  12. First let me say, I really understand why you are moving away from Facebook, it makes complete sense, I applaud you for making this step.

    However, for me I do find it a bit troubling that I have to pay to be part of the community. Maybe I am missing something, but if I want to remain part of the community and talk with other members that I need to use a pay service. Please correct me if I am wrong or missing something.

    I was a member of IP+, I think it was in the beginning when it just started. You may also remember an email I sent asking for a bit of the roadmap that IP+ was following. It was not clear at that time, I allowed my membership to lapse as I felt the content was stagnant. I felt for any training that I wanted, I would just spend the money at the time for the training – I did this for the block composition topic and still think I came out ahead.

    I ended up rejoining another large content provider. It starts with a K and rhymes with Elby. For the same price I was getting new content weekly and now there is also a community forum, and there was more content available to members. – this is at the same price as IP+.

    For me, and perhaps I need to revisit IP+, I struggled with the value for the content compared equally to other sites out there and what they provide. Now I feel a bit abandoned as the FB group will close. This was my one link to the community, and in some cases feel that you are rolling the costs to us to join and pay a subscription service. That is a bit dramatic, and really not the case…just my first reaction.

    Is there any option to join the discussion group without paying for subscription?

    I welcome your thoughts and please let me know if I am missing something.

    1. @Erik – IP+ is only one way to be a part of the conversation. You’re welcome to send comments on the new hotline, comment here on the site, or I’m also open to creating a new free forum here on the website. The only reason I haven’t is that we had a forum here on the site two years ago and it just didn’t get used very much.

  13. Kristen Yoffe

    I personally think this is a very interesting business decision and one that Improve Photography can always reverse if it results in too many negative consequences. Good luck, Jim!

  14. If people are like me, I go after the content I want. I’m pretty sure not all IP fans are passive when it comes to information gathering.

    Personally one of the first things I do on FB is look at the notifications as a means of feedback and discussion. What’s in the newsfeed is secondary many of the times.

    Then I’ll go to groups I like and the debate and feedback there is great. As long as there is an efficient way to be notified, that’s good. That’s what’s nice about FB.

    Losing that forum will be sad. I don’t see any harm on keeping a page open with all the users that go there.

    I agree there is no need for all the FB groups and always wish there was only one. But to totally rid IP from FB? Not sure if that’s a really great thing.

    Best of luck

    1. I was looking for a comment that echoed my thoughts and yours hit it. I’m 33- I go to FB almost instinctively when I unlock my phone or computer. ( sad I know but it’s reality). The first thing I do is look at notifications and I’d say probably 90% of the time there is a new post on The IP or PS group. Honestly many times I never even make it to my feed. I think this may be a mistake simply due to the sheer volume of people who use FB – but I also really like the idea of the forum. Im sure many more people should use it now than 2 years ago. The whole comments system on Wordpress is inelegant to say the least.

  15. Hi Jim! Best of luck with all the changes! I will keep on following all of you wherever you go! Have a great trip, it’s my birthday tomorrow…so have a beer for me…or two! 🙂

    1. @Marta – Thank you for the kind comment and support. It’s not always easy doing things like this and I’m grateful for kind people like you who understand.

  16. First rule of the Internet: if you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.

    Facebook used to make enough money out of us by placing targeted ads, and letting things just roll along. But now they can make a butt load more money by selling us (the users) to businesses with deep pockets: they can sell us for even more if they get promoted. They experiment by changing the experience subtly for different samples of users, and work out just how much paid content they insert in a feed without the user walking away. As far as a community like IP is concerned, you’re just roadkill on their quest to squeeze the last penny available by selling users’ timelines to advertisers.

  17. Fine. My point is that if you are doing this for the community you should have asked. There is already an unofficial group starting. I am not intending to be inflammatory. You are completely alienating people. Change is hard is not the answer.

    If you want people to come to your site instead of Facebook then give them a reason to. Do not say, I can create a forum if you guys want. Just do it.

    Do not just shut down the groups. Why not urge people to get notified all the time for posts in the group.

    I also feel like you are doing this to make money and you do not care about the community. I am angry because I enjoy the community. And I feel that you are on just another tangent that you did not fully contemplate.

    1. @Randy – I’m perfectly willing to put a forum here on the site where people can converse as normal for free if there is user interest. However, Facebook isn’t working. I miss messages on there constantly, it’s full of spam, and it does not provide a reliable way to contact listeners.

      1. But we enjoy being a community together. There has to be another solution. Instead of coming up with this on your own maybe you should have asked the community to help you figure it out.

        How does every other company reliably contact me? I get things from small companies all the time.

        1. @Randy – I actually did ask the community. Right on this post I asked for comments on what everyone would think of a forum and if it would be used.

          You’re right that I didn’t ask about the Facebook groups though. But that honestly wouldn’t make sense. The community would probably still want to keep it. But I am the one who has to spend 4-5 hours a week deleting spam and researching each new person who requests to join the group to see if it’s a spam account or a real person. The community doesn’t know about that part of it, and that’s the real problem here.

      2. I, for one, am going to miss the discussions. I checked the group page regularly, regardless of FB notifications.

        1. @Carrie – You don’t have to miss a thing. We’re simply moving the conversation here to the site. In fact, we’re having a conversation right now on the site 🙂 It works.

        2. I see that, but I just read that to be part of the discussion we’ll have to become members of IP+. Is that not true?

      3. I think what you’re saying is FB isn’t working FOR YOU because you’re not making enough money off of it. It’s a business so we absolutely understand that needs to happen.

        What I hear coming from Randy is that while that might not work for you there is a very close group of people that don’t particularly need to contact you because they’ve made a lot of friends amongst your community. Those people will be hurt by this change because they’ll lose the ability to interact with each other. They don’t visit IP for Jim Harmer. They visit for the friendships, banter, and community that Jim Harmer has created under the IP name.

        FB works amazingly well for everyone NOT trying to make money off of it. It’s the simplest and most efficient platform for communication across the world. If you disperse that… you will put a huge dent in that community. Those people, while they might not need to contact you, or buy a subscription for you, and what IP was all about from the beginning.

        1. @Nick Lenn – You’re right that it isn’t working for me. I also don’t think it works well for users. Simply putting a conversation on ImprovePhotography.com doesn’t earn IP any more money so I’m not sure what you mean by that. I don’t get paid for comments.

          You don’t have to lose contact with anyone. The conversation is simply in a different spot.

          I think we simply have different opinions about how well Facebook serves its users. It’s okay that we have different opinions. Personally, I believe the spammy system which requires 4-5 hours a week just to approve users and delete spam is not at all a solution that serves our community well.

          I’m sorry you disagree with the choice. Would you be open to a forum here on IP?

        2. I agree. Perfectly ok to have a difference of opinions and I really do respect your decision.

          So the forum thing… well here’s the deal. I kinda know how this goes. I’ve seen an entire RC community crumble and watched two forums slowly dwindle due to social media platforms. Places like FB, IG, Reddit, etc. are simply more efficient ways to communicate. Efficiency is crucial with interaction. The most effective way to make a forum efficient is have it Tapatalk compatible. Well there go your ads (which is how you fund a forum) so a lot of forums owners won’t go that way. In turn, they have to invest tens and tens of thousands into creating a very efficient mobile platform. Not cheap! You think spam is bad now? Haha. People are by nature these days stretched very thin on time, and will simply (while unfortunate) not tolerate any increase in effort on their part. You’ll have to have a messenger/PM feature, user ID, profile, avatars, etc. because that’s what you’re competing with in comparison to FB. I’ve owned forums, moderated forums, and been a HUGE forum user over the last 15years so this isn’t without a fair bit of insight. You can tell yourself that they’ll stay true to their IP following and follow you despite where you are, but this won’t be true for a good majority. Yes, there will be some die hards that will follow whichever platform you choose, but be prepared for a big loss. For the record I do hope that I’m wrong. I’m just a pretty big realist by nature and tend to look at things a little more mathematically than hopefully.

        3. @ Nick – Your synopsis of forums is spot on. I check facebook probably 25-30 times a day EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I check reddit 5-10 times a day. I check the forums and other websites I consider myself a member of… once, maybe twice a week at the absolute most? I’m am IP plus member and I go there even less. While starting a forum could work, for a time, for some people, I think the reality is that many will sign up, but the amount of engagement will go way down.

          @Jim – What about appointing some moderators who cand o some of the vetting for you on the FB groups? There are plenty of familliar faces around here you could appoint as mods who could definitely take some of the workload off your back.

        4. @Adam – I actually used to have a team of moderators (I think about 10 of them) to help with the Facebook group. But, one by one they all stopped contributing. It’s a tedious job, so unless I could pay handsomely for it, the moderator route just didn’t work.

  18. I don’t understand all the hostility, especially when everyone has access to SO much FREE content. Try being supportive and just say “thank you”. Is it really that much effort to create a bookmark in your browser and then click on it?

    I guess I could understand if people had thousands of dollars spent on IP. I spend $240 a year on my membership to IP+ and the tangible return has been amazing. The intangible return is priceless, as I’ve interacted with some amazing people.

    What’s the old saying, “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.

    1. @Chuck Perry – Thank you so much for the tremendous support. That really means SOOO much to me. I’m doing the very best I can to provide value and it means a lot to me when it’s noticed and appreciated. Thank you.

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