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An Introduction to Lightroom for New Photographers

In Post-processing by Rick McEvoy2 Comments

I am an architectural photographer living and working in England. I use Lightroom every day in my commercial photography work, and in this article I will explain how you can get started using Lightroom. Lightroom is an application for importing, managing, editing and sharing digital photographs. Lightroom has different modules for organising and developing your …

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How to Brighten a Photo in Photoshop

In Post-processing by Michael Allen1 Comment

Sometimes when we take photos, we mess up our exposure. Whether because we are trying to learn a new technique we are unfamiliar with, perhaps we used the incorrect metering mode, maybe we were simply rushing and failed to take or have the time to check the images prior to moving on. Sometimes, we are …

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Don’t Make These Common Photoshop Mistakes

In Post-processing by Brian Pex4 Comments

Adobe’s Photoshop is a very powerful tool where the only limits of the application are basically your imagination and vision. If it is a visual thought that you have created in your brain, with the right tools and techniques, you can make that vision a reality. The raw power and flexibility make Photoshop an irreplaceable …

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Luminar 2018: Is It Your New Photo Editing Solution?

In Post-processing by Michael Allie2 Comments

In this article we provide you with a review of Luminar 2018.  You’ve got to hand it to Macphun software.  Their pre-launch marketing efforts of photo editor Luminar 2018 have been spectacular.  It is hard to be online and not run across their advertisements letting you know that their new product is everything you’ve been …

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An Introduction to Blending Modes in Photoshop

In Post-processing by Frank Gallagher3 Comments

    Blend modes may be one of the best kept secrets in Photoshop.  It’s easy to miss them in the Photoshop workspace but, if you do, you’re missing out on some powerful editing options.  The creative and thoughtful use of layers and blend modes gives free rein to your creativity and allows you to …

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Lightroom vs. Capture One: An in depth comparison

In Post-processing by Christopher Mowers8 Comments

The photography world is on fire right now with all the changes to Adobe’s non-destructive photo editor product, Lightroom CC. The future of Lightroom has been quiet and mysterious for the past few years, but at this point, Adobe has made their intentions fairly clear. All-New Lightroom CC, with its cloud storage and artificial intelligence …

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11 Beginner Tutorials for Learning Photoshop Quickly

In Post-processing by Michael Allie1 Comment

Photoshop is an incredible tool for photographers in the digital age.  We lighten, brighten, darken, and otherwise change photographs in ways that are only limited by our imagination.   We make a dreary day look like a bright day, remove strangers that wandered into the frame of our picture, and add Uncle Larry to the family …

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A Beginner’s Introduction to Layers in Photoshop

In Post-processing by Frank Gallagher2 Comments

Layers are one of the most powerful features of Photoshop.  If you’re not using them, you’re missing out on a lot of what Photoshop can do.  And, even if you think you know layers, there always seems to be something new to learn.  Layers let you precisely target adjustments, like dodging and burning, and apply …