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7 Mistakes Landscape Photographers Often Make in Post

In Post-processing by Kirk Bergman6 Comments

Perfecting your photos during post processing is an important final step of photography.  Some photographers choose to only make minor adjustments to exposure and contrast and others do extensive editing with exposure brushes, curves, selective saturation adjustments, and even compositing in Photoshop.  Whatever your editing preference, there are a few editing mistakes (or oversights) that …

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10 Tips to Accurately Edit Color in Photographs

In Post-processing by Michael Allen5 Comments

Color correction – accurate color within your photos is something that can separate the amateurs from the pros and can even separate some of the pros into separate categories. Generally speaking (and I’m speaking very generally), the distinction to “true” color correction begins to happen at the commercial and fine artist level. For the sake …

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Eight Lightroom Tips for Power Users

In Post-processing by Brian Pex9 Comments

Adobe Lightroom is a super digital Photography managing and editing application as most of you reading this know. It has very powerful Digital Asset Managment abilities along with some super powerful and fairly simple editing tools. There are a few things that can make Lightroom more enjoyable to use and also more productive. In this …

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How to Make Precise Selections in Lightroom CC

In Post-processing by Kirk Bergman5 Comments

The exposure brush in both Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC is extremely powerful.  Many of the capabilities found in the very precise Select and Mask tool in Photoshop are found in this brush.  The great news is that you don’t have to mess with a lot of sliders or different options to get a …

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LandscapePro: An in-depth review

In Post-processing by Christopher Mowers5 Comments

It seems that the era of computer assisted photo editing is arriving. Adobe is making news with Sensei, but there are other companies at it as well. One of those companies is Anthropics, makers of LandscapePro. I set out this week to put the software through its paces and see what it could do, and …

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How to Import Photos into Lightroom Faster

In Post-processing by Christopher Mowers8 Comments

If you’re a user of Adobe Lightroom, you’ve probably experienced what I’ve experienced; the import process is never as fast as we’d like it to be. When you’ve got a whole lot of editing in front of you, the last thing you want is to wait for all of those photos to import. Sometimes, the …