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How Wedding Photographers Can Nail Reception Lighting

In Portrait by Aaron TaylorLeave a Comment

The question comes up again and again: what is the “go-to” setup for reception lighting? Here’s the answer: there isn’t one. I should say, there isn’t only one setup. That’s the thing about photographing an event or a reception–you can’t rely on one setup to make great photos every time. The venue, the size of …

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My Yongnuo YN-560 Flash Won’t Fire–HELP!

In Portrait by Jim Harmer53 Comments

I absolutely love the YN-560 flash and the YN-560 TX controller.  They are absolutely awesome, and significantly easier to use than the Canon and Nikon brand flashes; however, there are still a lot of issues to consider when trying to trigger an off-camera flash. I can’t tell you how many times on workshops someone has …

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Reviewing Some Basic Flash Gear from Impact

In Gear, Portrait by Brent HuntleyLeave a Comment

As a landscape and travel photographer, I had never had any interest in flash photography, but, as many of you can probably relate to, following Improve Photography and listening to the podcasts has opened my curiosity to try many new things in photography.  Flash photography is one of those things.  Soon after buying a YN-560 …

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The MagBeam – A Review of MagMod’s Newest Modifier

In Gear, Portrait by Erica Kay1 Comment

MagMod has done it again.  The company that has provided thousands of photographers around the world with lightweight, portable, easy to use magnetic modifiers has created yet another modifier designed to make our lives as speedlight photographers easier.  The MagBeam, MagMod’s newest modifier, is designed to allow photographers to produce creative, designed light patterns in a quick, …

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3 Skills Advanced Flash Photographers Should Learn

In Portrait by Aaron Taylor13 Comments

As a follow-up to my first “Learn Your Flash” article, this post will move beyond the basics of the buttons and bounce flash. We’ll explore how to use MULTI mode, using a remote trigger for off-camera flash, and how the exposure triangle works with flash. You don’t need tons of gear for the tips here: …

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Photographing Women: 8 Tips for Posing, Lighting, and Details

In Portrait by Erica Kay12 Comments

Photographing women can be a difficult and daunting task.  As a wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer, one of the most challenging (and rewarding!) parts of my job is guaranteeing that the women I photograph feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.  As a woman myself, I can relate to the feelings and concerns many women share with …

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Jim Harmer’s Lighting In A Flash Video Workshop Review

In Portrait by Stanley Harper3 Comments

There is so much to learn about the world of photography, and there might be ten times as many photographers out there teaching about any given subject related to photography, it can be confusing at times to pick a book, a video, a workshop. I recently watched Jim Harmer’s “Lighting In A Flash” video workshop …

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Pet Photography Tips From A Veterinary Technician

In Portrait by Tracy Munson10 Comments

Remember that old commercial for hair replacement, where the guy said: “I’m not just the president of Hair Club For Men, I’m also a client”? If not, then perhaps you’re just not as old as me. My point is that when it comes to Pet Photography…well, I’m not just a photographer, I’m also a Veterinary …