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The Portrait Photographer’s Session Survival Kit

In Portrait by Deb Mitzel

When you head out on a road trip in the middle of winter or embark on a long hike in the mountains, you always make sure you have a survival kit in case you end up in the ditch or fall and get injured, right? Having a Portrait Session Survival Kit is just as important …

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7 Interesting Flash Photography Blogs to Follow

In Portrait by Pete LaGregor

If you are a portrait photographer and have been relegated to natural light, then flash photography is the best way to take your photography to the next level.  Now there is nothing wrong with natural light, but have total control over the light is an invaluable skill to learn.  So where do you go to …

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When Do You Need a Model Release? A lawyer answers.

In Portrait by Jim Harmer

Most portrait photographers think that to use a photo of a person in a commercial way, they must get a model release; however, this is only partially true.  In actuality, there are a number of situations where someone’s image can be used commercially without a model release, and also some situations where a model release …

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Senior Photography: Are Model Programs Worth It?

In Marketing/Business, Portrait by Deb Mitzel

One of the biggest obstacles high school senior photographers encounter is the ability to get in front of their seniors and market to them. Whether you’re brand new to senior photography or a seasoned veteran, chances are good you’ve considered or tried a senior model or rep program. Because there are conflicting opinions on the …

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Lighting For Headshots

In Portrait by Jesse Park

Lighting For Headshots Alex Lagarejos is an award-winning photographer based in South West London. Originally from Glasgow, Alex moved to London as a teenager and pursued a career in the arts; to fund his way through drama school Alex was lucky enough to work as an assistant to some of London’s top photographers where he …

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23 Tips for Posing Women

In Portrait by Brent Huntley

If you want to be a portrait photographer or just want to shoot images of your wife, girlfriend or friends, you owe it to yourself to learn some things about posing.  I wanted to learn posing tips for some upcoming shoots I have so I went to Improve Photography Plus to watch the new posing video …

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Photography Backdrops: A guide for a complete beginner

In Portrait by Mark Morris

I shoot a lot of portraits.  In all of the years that I have shot photography, I have never once owned a backdrop.  A great environmental portrait is absolutely remarkable.  But as someone that markets themselves as a portrait photographer, I feel that it’s 100% essential that I have a decent knowledge and understanding of …

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In Gear, Portrait by Brian Pex

Flash Photography today is an area within Photography that has never been easier to enter. With a vast array of flashes, from top brands that cost hundreds of dollars to knockoffs that are very inexpensive, the choices are great to say the very least. What I wanted to test for this article is which rechargeable …