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A Beginner’s Guide to High-Speed Photography

In Photo Basics by Rick Ohnsman22 Comments

So you’re feeling the “Need for Speed?”  You’ve seen some of those cool high-speed photos of dynamic action totally frozen and want to know what it takes to make them.  You want to try a little “photo wizardry,”  maybe stop things in mid-air?  Well, let’s show you how. The longer you are a photographer, the …

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How to Set the F-Stop on a Camera for Any Photo

In Photo Basics by Frank Gallagher12 Comments

  The f-stop, or aperture, is one of the key camera settings every photographer must master because it controls two critical things: the amount of light going through the lens and how deep the field of focus (depth of field) goes in your image. The larger the opening of the lens, the more light hits …

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15 Things To Do Every Time You Shoot a Concert

In Photo Basics by Julian Baird7 Comments

Photographing a concert requires good camera skills and a sharp eye but taking good images is only part of the job.  You need to build trust with the bands, their management, and the venues by delivering a quality and consistent service.  In this article, I will share with you my top tips that will help …

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5 Ways Photographers Can Improve by Using Instagram

In Photo Basics by Bastian Bodyl3 Comments

This is an article for every photographer even if you not post regularly something or using Instagram just for family pictures. I hope this it inspires you to take a deeper look into Instagram because it is a great place to find inspiration or locations, be creative and meet new people. On Instagram, you can …

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Long Exposure Shots Coming Out White? Here’s Why.

In Photo Basics by Brent Huntley1 Comment

Shooting long exposure photography is one of my favorite things to do with a camera.  It gives you the ability to capture something in an image that separates it from 99 percent of the images flooding the internet as it is something that can’t be done without the right knowledge and equipment. A long exposure …

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25 Tips for Shooting a Music Festival

In Photo Basics by Julian Baird4 Comments

Photographing a music festival is one of the best experiences you can have as a gig photographer.  The opportunity to shoot a variety of artists in one location can be hugely rewarding and great for your portfolio.  However, the days are long and demanding, and the schedule relentless.   In this article, I share with you …