How to Make Macro Photos Sharper

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Macro, or close-up, photography is a favorite amongst photographers.  It is amazing to see all of the tiny little details of the world magnified to beyond life size for the human eye to enjoy.  However, photographers commonly run into one issue when shooting macro shots–the photos aren’t sharp!  In this post I’ll explain why that is and how you can …

How to Make Great Photos in Boring Locations

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As a photographer, I am often called to shoot “interesting” events, locations, and clients. I’ve come to expect the unexpected when I’m hired for a shoot, but none of my experiences could match the call I got a couple months ago. I picked up the phone and a woman asked me how much I would charge her for me to …

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22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever

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Photographers these days spend so much time on the Internet learning good things about photography that they never make the time to do the things that would be really great for their photography.  I’ve compiled a list of 21 things in this article that you can do today that would completely change your photography forever.  THIS is how you learn photography! If …

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How to Properly Hold a DSLR Camera

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Introduction My inbox is filled each morning with questions from students in my online photography classes asking various photography questions.  I’m glad to get the questions because it helps me to think of what I should write about here on Improve Photography.  You would be shocked to see how many of the questions are about sharpness and how to avoid …

How to Take Pictures of Water Drops

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Learn how to take great photos of water drops without any special equipment other than your DSLR in this guest post by Jeff Cable (follow him on Facebook for lots of photography tips).  Jeff was kind enough to offer to step in and send this guest post while I am trying to put things back together after moving my family …

15 Creative Photography Project Ideas to Get You Shooting

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You have all undoubtedly heard of the 365 project.  The project encourages photographers to get out and take one picture every single day, and then to post that photo online.  It is a fantastic way to improve your shooting skills; HOWEVER, I have seen so many 365 projects lately that I am beginning to wonder whether so many photographers are …