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3 Reasons the “Nifty Fifty” Is the Second Thing to Buy

So you’ve picked up your first DSRL along with a kit lens. You’ve been playing with the features, getting to know the camera and the lens. Now you’re starting to think about what to buy next. A lot of advice tells you to invest in lenses, but which one should you start with? If you look into many professional photographer’s …

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Canon 7DMII: The Ultimate Hobbyist Body

After years of rumors, in late 2014 Canon finally refreshed their top-end of their APS-C crop sensor line of camera bodies with the 7D Mark II. Here is why it has the makeup to be the ultimate body for hobbyist photographers.

How to Win Your Next Photo Contest

Do you dream about seeing one of those big, fat, royal blue ribbons adorned over one of your favorite photographs?  It’s a major accomplishment to win a ribbon at a photo contest, and it can be a milestone on your path to photographic excellence.   But every path has to have a beginning, and I’m going to help your find yours.

In a Photography Rut? Project Workshop!

Tired with your photography? In a serious photography rut?  Do you find that you end up disappointed with the images that you are taking every now and again . . . . and again. Well, don’t give up – what you need is a project. Something that you can get your teeth into,  that stretches your imagination and takes out …

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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Budding Photographer

It’s that time of year again.  The stores are playing holiday music, trees are lit, decorations are going up, and visiting the local Wal-Mart requires protective gear and a bodyguard. For the budding photographer though, the holidays have a deeper, more special meaning, an importance unto itself, which most people could never understand ¾ the possibility of attaining more gear. …