What does it mean to zoom in to 100%?

Photographer capturing photo with professional camera

Telephoto lenses have become the workhorse for photographers. They offer the versatility of multiple focal lengths, the ability to get in close without intruding on your subject, and the capability of isolating elements. Zooming in on a subject gives the photographer a lot of options. A telephoto lens compresses the background, but it can also CONTINUE

What is an anti-aliasing filter?


Anti-aliasing filters are used to blur the lines between repeating patterns in order to avoid wavy lines (often referred to as moire). But before we can fully understand what the anti-aliasing filter does for our cameras, we need to first have a basic understanding of what aliasing is in general. What is Aliasing? Aliasing is CONTINUE

Why is my viewfinder blurry?


  Have you ever wondered why, when you look through your viewfinder, it looks blurry? Even when the actual photos you take come out sharp?! The good news is that this is a problem we’ve seen before, and there is usually an easy fix that will help you quickly bring things back into focus.   CONTINUE

What is a Telephoto Lens?

A telephoto lens is simply a long lens that magnifies things that are far away. I often find when I teach my online beginning photography class that students confuse the terms “telephoto lens” and “zoom lens.”  This misconception is likely caused by point-and-shoot cameras that offer a “10x zoom.”  In this sense, the zoom actually CONTINUE

10 Tips For Capturing What You See


So you have an artistic eye.  You see the world in ways that are unique, interesting, and different.  You want to share this world view through your photography… but one of the greatest frustrations new photographers encounter is that when they get back to their computer and pull images off the camera, the results are CONTINUE