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Wedding Photography Tips for New Photographers

In Marketing/Business, Portrait, Post-processing by Erica Kay7 Comments

As a photography educator who is also primarily a wedding photographer, one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What wedding photography tips do you have for those of us who are just starting out with weddings?”  There are some great articles floating around the internet on this very subject, including one by our very own Jim Harmer, but …

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Post-Wedding Workflow: The System That Won’t Make You Crazy Part 1

In Marketing/Business, Post-processing by Erica Kay2 Comments

One of the things that was most difficult for me when I first started photographing weddings was finding a post-wedding workflow that worked well for me.  I tried following the advice of various photographers, attempting to implement their exact workflow into my unique business.  All of these attempts failed because I was replicating the practices of someone with a completely …

Photography Bag Review: Lowepro Fastpack 250

In Gear by Jim Harmer1 Comment

I purchased the Lowepro Fastpack 250 about a year ago to use on photo walks.  The larger bags fit more gear, but I wanted something that could hold a decent amount of gear without too much work.  I really like the bag for how convenient it is, and it is a high-quality product. How much does it hold? The camera …

How to Protect Your Photos

In Features by Jim Harmer1 Comment

If you caught a virus, your house flooded, a robber broke in your house, or your 2 year old decided to “play” with the laptop…. you could easily lose every picture on your hard drive.  If disaster struck right at this moment, would you have a backup for all your photography? If that backup is a DVD, you should know …

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How the Most Popular Photo on Flickr was taken: An Interview

In Portrait by Jim Harmer10 Comments

1,895 faves, 83,303 views, 574 comments.  Tens of thousands of photographers can’t be wrong in holding the picture featured on this page as one of the best photos ever placed on the popular photo sharing website Flickr.  With the endorsement of so many thousands of photographers, we must have something to learn from Alex Bell, the photographer who took the …