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Which Room Should Your Home Studio Go in?

In Photo Locations by Andy Perkins4 Comments

If your photography hobby gets serious enough, you are going to have to have some place to store your gear. If you do any post-processing, you’re going to want a quiet place to march through your workflow efficiently. But for many photographers, it doesn’t stop with gear storage and a quite place to use your …

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How to Photograph Rome in 5 hours

In Photo Locations by Michael Allie7 Comments

Have you ever found yourself in a photographic hotspot, yet found not nearly enough time to visit all the sites and take all the pictures you want?  Can you imagine being in Rome, which hosts over 4 million visitors a year and is one of the great tourist spots of the world, and only having …

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Doing Photography While Traveling for Business

In Photo Locations by Frank Gallagher10 Comments

  You have a business trip coming up and you want to take advantage of being in a new town by planning some photography while you’re there.  Who knows if you’ll ever get back, so how do you maximize your limited photography time, find the best locations and come back with images you’ll be proud …

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15 Tips for photographing in Switzerland

In Photo Locations by Bastian BodylLeave a Comment

This is a photography guide to Switzerland. You can read 15 tips for you trip to Switzerland and how you can get the most of your journey. Switzerland is a versatile country with many different opportunities. You can shoot everything from historic towns to alpine rock formations. Travel Tips First some travel tips. You have …

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Photographer’s Guide to Skellig Islands

In Photo Locations by Bastian Bodyl3 Comments

This guide should help you to go to the photographer’s paradise of the Skellig Islands and gives you a few tips when you are there. The Skellig islands are tow rocks in the sea 12 km from the coast of Ireland has become really popular since they have filmed parts of the Star Wars films …

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26 Tips for Photographing in Tuscany

In Photo Locations by Bastian Bodyl2 Comments

Tuscany is a Region in Italy with a lot of hills, smaller and bigger historic towns and beautiful details. The whole region is a big photography playground and covers everything from underwater to drone photography. This article gives you some inspiration and ideas for your trip to photographer’s paradise Tuscany. 1 – Go by Car …

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7 Exciting Photography Subjects in Dull Small Towns

In Photo Locations by Andy Perkins8 Comments

The struggle to find fresh, interesting photo subjects is unending. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that every small town trip is a one-way ticket to photo Dullsville. There are plenty of exciting photography subjects in small towns and rural areas, if you know where to look. Courthouses, parks, festivals, golf courses, farms, lakes …

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Top 25 Hidden Photo Spots in Washington, DC

In Photo Locations by Frank Gallagher9 Comments

  Hello and welcome to Washington, DC!  I was born here and love this town.  As a visitor, of course you’ll take the typical shots of the monuments, government buildings, zoo and museums!  But, if you want to get away from the hordes of selfie-stick-toting tourists, here are some of my favorite off-the-beaten-path photo locations. …

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Travel Photography Shot List to Keep You Creative

In Photo Locations by Tracy Munson1 Comment

The excitement of planning and packing. All of the unfamiliar sights, and sounds, and smells. Jet lag, language barriers, traveler’s…stomach troubles. Once you’ve reached your destination, it can all be pretty overwhelming. You want to make sure to come away with something more than the same old travel snapshots all the other tourists are taking. …