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Painting With Light To Create Dynamic Night Photography: Advanced Techniques

In Landscape/Nature by Rusty Parkhurst4 Comments

My previous article, “A Beginner’s Guide to Using Light Painting in Your Photography”, introduced some of the basic gear and techniques for light painting your images.  That article was intended more for those who may be new to light painting and want to give it a try.  This article is for those who have experimented with light painting and are …

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11 Tips For Taking Cozy Campfire Pictures

In Landscape/Nature by Jennie Harless3 Comments

Although the official start of summer is months away, many of us are already dreaming up fun outdoor adventures. Camping is often synonymous with summer, and one of my favorite things to capture while camping is sitting around the campfire–roasting s’mores, singing songs, reading stories, talking and laughing. Taking pictures of a campfire scene, though, can be tricky. Keep these …

Shoot Report: Night Portrait of a Taxi Driver

In Portrait by Jim Harmer5 Comments

If you follow @ImprovePhoto on Twitter, you may have seen the photo featured on this page two weeks ago when I tweeted my shoot.  A few of you asked questions about the shoot, so I thought it would be an interesting article for today. First of all, I was a bit disappointed with the shoot.  The cab driver only gave …

How to Photograph Gorgeous Night Portraits

In Portrait by Jim Harmer5 Comments

I spend a significant amount of time just enjoying beautiful photography.  I look at great photos on flickr, on the websites of other photographers, and I always look at the websites of people who comment on the blog and include a link to their site.  In seeing all these photos, I am frequently surprised at how many photographers miss out …

More than you wanted to know about noise

In Photo Basics by Jim Harmer19 Comments

This is a sample chapter from Jim Harmer’s book Improve Your Night Photography.  Check out the book! The success or failure of your night photography will likely depend on whether or not you have fully mastered your low-light shooting technique. A skilled night  photographer can leave a shoot knowing that all of her images were shot correctly to attain an image with …