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How to Photograph Shooting Stars

In Landscape/Nature by Brad Goestsch

Learning how to photograph shootings stars will add a unique touch to your nighttime photography. So, if you want to make your star filled landscape shot stand out among the rest, mark your calendar for the next big meteor shower and add some shooting stars to your photos! There are few things that will enhance …

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How to Plan a Multi Day Photography Trip

In Landscape/Nature by Kirk Bergman

In late summer this year I took a trip to Southern Utah with several writers of Improve Photography, a few IP+ members, and Jim Harmer.  I don’t have any photographer friends where I live so being able to spend a few days shooting with strangers (a few of whom became friends) was an excellent vacation.  …

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10 Must Read Books for Landscape Photographers

In Landscape/Nature by Julian Baird

We live in the digital age of photography.  Most of us view tens if not hundreds of images each day.  Many would argue that the printed photography book a thing of the past.  I disagree, and I would argue that the book is even more important in this digital age.  In this article, I will share …

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30 Must-Have Landscape Photography Accessories

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer

Atmosphere Aerosol Atmosphere Aerosol is an awesome product!  It’s a can of smoke that you can spray to add fog into your landscapes.  It’s not enough smoke to fill an entire landscape, but if you shoot smaller intimate landscapes, you could easily go spray the fog in the area and then go shoot the awesome …

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A Complete Guide to Waterfall Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Brenda Petrella

If you are looking for a new way to improve your photography no matter your genre, try shooting waterfalls. Here is everything you need to know to photograph waterfalls like a pro and have fun while doing it. How to Photograph Waterfalls – Camera Settings Shoot in Manual If you are already comfortable with shooting …

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Photographing Landscapes: From Idea to Finished Photo

In Landscape/Nature by Christopher Mowers

Standing in a beautiful location, with the splendor of nature surrounding in all directions, it is still more than possible to walk away with a completely unremarkable photograph. I can think of dozens of times when this has been the case for me. I’ve stood in the Everglades of Florida, on Isle Royale in Lake …

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How to Find and Photograph Fall Color

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan

As a landscape photographer, fall is one of the times of the year that I find to be most exciting.  As the temperatures begin to cool, the leaves of deciduous trees start changing their pigment and photographers and general foliage enthusiasts alike flock to see the vibrant colors for themselves.  I live in the northeastern …