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55 Landscape Photography Tips

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer3 Comments

Landscape photography is, by far, the favorite genre of photography among Improve Photography readers.  So today, some tips from the community for landscape photography.  Thank you to all who submitted ideas! Compose When You’re Out of Focus When composing a shot, I often like to put my lens somewhat out of focus. It helps me …

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Free Iceland Photography Guide Book

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer6 Comments

The last time I went to Iceland, I spent my time on the 8 hour flight from Idaho to Iceland writing this guide book.  It had been my intention to make it a product that I sold, but I’ve decided to make it free! Why free?  Because I just released an app called Really Good Photo …

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7 Creative Landscape Photography Tips and Ideas

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. JordanLeave a Comment

As a landscape photographer, I can be prone to getting into a rut.  I haven’t spent much time branching out to other genres of photography, so almost all of my photography efforts are geared towards landscape shots.  As a result, my workflow often consists of similar habits: find good light, find a picturesque scene, position …

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How to Photograph Box Canyons of the Southwest

In Landscape/Nature by Nathan2 Comments

As the title for this article is photographing box canyons I should describe what a box canyon is. Unlike canyons formed by glaciation which end up being “U” shaped or high mountain stream canyons that are typically “V” shaped; box canyons are shaped in general like boxes. They have flattish like bases with sheer cliffs …

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50 Popular Hashtags For Landscape Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Tracy Munson2 Comments

Since Instagram dumped the chronological feed last year, hashtagging your photos has never been more important. Photos that don’t get a lot of engagement within a short period after being posted will drop further and further down on followers’ feeds and into obscurity. If you love capturing epic photos of the great outdoors, you’ll want …