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A Guide to Ethical Nature Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Frank Gallagher5 Comments

    You don’t want to be that guy.  The one who goes off-trail, trampling vegetation.  The one who’s feeding the wild animals or trying to take a selfie with them.  The one who hops out to the edge of the canyon rim for that epic selfie.  The one who’s oblivious to the fact that …

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How To Photograph Slot Canyons, 5 Tips To Consider.

In Landscape/Nature by Nathan5 Comments

It is kind of depressing that the only articles online about photographing slot canyons are made by those who have only visited one or two… Lower and Upper Antelope Canyon. They being the most photogenic canyons, that is probably the reason why. But frankly, those canyons lie. Not all slot canyons are created equally and most …

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The Best Camera Settings for Star Photography

In Landscape/Nature by Brad Goestsch6 Comments

What are the best settings for star photography? The answer to this question can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. “Best” really depends on a lot of external factors. In short—you want to capture as much light as you can without over exposing your image. That is the simplest …

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9 Tips to take your landscape photography to the next level

In Landscape/Nature by Rusty Parkhurst21 Comments

Landscape photography has always been my favorite shooting genre. There’s something intriguing about being outside, soaking up the sights and sounds all around, and basking in the wonderment of our natural world. The ability to capture moments in time makes it all more interesting. Capturing amazing landscape images, whether they are in some epic location …

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How to Photograph Birds in Flight

In Landscape/Nature by Rick Ohnsman10 Comments

 “The bird who dares to fall, is the bird who learns to fly” I can’t cite the author of this quote, but I like what it says about taking chances and learning new things.  If you are stuck in a rut with your photography, maybe it’s time to “spread your wings.”  Few things will challenge …

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How to Photograph the Moon

In Landscape/Nature by Brad Goestsch11 Comments

This article will take you through the ins and outs of how to photograph the Moon. Capturing images of our nearest celestial neighbor requires patience, skill and a fair bit of luck. If you know about luck, you know that you have a surprising amount of control over it. Armed with knowledge and control, one …