Questions and Answers on Night HDR Photography

In Landscape/Nature, Post-processing by Jim Harmer

Question from a Reader Via Email on Night HDR Photography I went to do a night hdr the other night and I guess that because the scene is very dark I would need more over exposures than under right? What I noticed with my camera (Canon 7D) is that there was no difference to the …

Do Night Photographers Need to Cover the Viewfinder to Prevent Light Leaks?

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer

In my article “13 Photography Myths Every Photographer Should Know,” I explain my findings from testing various photography beliefs. ¬†One of them is this… that night photographers need to block the optical viewfinder to prevent light leaks. DSLR cameras work by passing light through the lens, bouncing it off the mirror, flipping the image through …

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Does Mirror Lock-Up Actually Improve Sharpness?

In Landscape/Nature by Jim Harmer

This article is a separate explanation for my testing of how UV filters negatively impact image quality, and is referenced in my article “13 Photography Myths Every Photographer Should Know.” What is mirror lock-up? Mirror lock-up is a feature on almost all DSLRs that allows the photographer to flip up the mirror in the camera …