This Timelapse Video Will Be the Best 3 Minutes of Your Day

Tom Lowe just released an absolutely stunning trailer of timelapse and slow motion video of man's connection with the world and technology.  It'll be the best 3 minutes of your day.

The video was created over a period of 5 years with filming in more than 30 countries.  If you watch the video and wonder “How the heck did he make the camera move that way?” It's because he invented a few new pieces of gear to accomplish some of the shots he was wanting to make.

Once you're done watching this new one, be sure to go back and watch his Timescapes film from a few years ago (embedded below)

TimeScapes 4K from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

[Via DPReview via Engadget]

8 thoughts on “This Timelapse Video Will Be the Best 3 Minutes of Your Day”

  1. showing an elephant parading in clothes is not worthy of anyone trying to call himself an artist

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