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Peak Design Capture Pro: It’s the Perfect Camera Accessory

In Gear by Matt Gavin5 Comments

If like me, you love camera gear you will love the products produced by Peak Design.  All of their products have a huge appeal which is backed up by a number of successful Kickstarter campaigns.  Peak Design claims to be a completely crowdfunded company, so their complete success is based on people believing in the …

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25 Hiking Accessories for the Outdoor Photographer

In Gear by Brent Huntley5 Comments

For me, hiking and photography almost go hand in hand.  Sure, I do a lot of photography that doesn’t involve hiking, but a good chunk of the photography I enjoy involves hiking.  While I love hiking, it can ruin a photography trip if you run into trouble on the hike.  Whether it is just being …

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How to Use Motion Blur to Improve Your Photos

In Photo Basics by GregNoel2 Comments

  How to use motion blur to improve your photos. My most recent article I discussed how to take sharp photos in low light situations because perfectly sharp images are the goal for most photos.  As photographers, we are obsessed with sharpness and perfectly sharp images.  We spend more money on lenses and cameras that …

Cheap Tripods vs. Professional Tripods: Does it Really Matter?

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst5 Comments

Intro Behind a camera body and lens, a tripod may be the next most important piece of photography equipment you can buy.  Some would even argue that a tripod can improve your photography more than any other piece of gear.  That’s debatable, as a flash could also fill that slot, but it really depends on …

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Platypod Pro Review: Big Support in a Tiny Package

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst6 Comments

All photographers, at some point in their journey, come to a place where they wish they had a tripod, but don’t have one with them.  Perhaps tripods aren’t allowed where you are shooting.  Maybe it just isn’t practical to carry a tripod where you are going.  There are times that the tripod is left at …

A Review of the Tripod Brands: Some lesser-known facts

In Gear by Jim Harmer46 Comments

Buying a tripod is an absolutely agonizing process.  I was reminded of my past experiences in buying a tripod when I listened to a podcast from Marko Kulik this week.  Unless you’re an absolute beginner in photography, you already know how important a rock solid tripod and ballhead can be.  If you buy a high-quality …

Do I need a new tripod?

In Gear by Jim Harmer5 Comments

When I conduct landscape photography workshops, the first thing I notice is the expensive equipment that many of the participants have.  Brand spanking new 5D Mark IIs, 70-200mm lenses, etc.  It amazes me how many photographers buy so much gear before they finally listen to the oft repeated but seldom followed advice to buy a …