Cheap Tripods vs. Professional Tripods: Does it Really Matter?

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst5 Comments

Intro Behind a camera body and lens, a tripod may be the next most important piece of photography equipment you can buy.  Some would even argue that a tripod can improve your photography more than any other piece of gear.  That’s debatable, as a flash could also fill that slot, but it really depends on the genre of photography that …

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Platypod Pro Review: Big Support in a Tiny Package

In Gear by Rusty Parkhurst6 Comments

All photographers, at some point in their journey, come to a place where they wish they had a tripod, but don’t have one with them.  Perhaps tripods aren’t allowed where you are shooting.  Maybe it just isn’t practical to carry a tripod where you are going.  There are times that the tripod is left at home, or in the car, …

A Review of the Tripod Brands: Some lesser-known facts

In Gear by Jim Harmer44 Comments

Buying a tripod is an absolutely agonizing process.  I was reminded of my past experiences in buying a tripod when I listened to a podcast from Marko Kulik this week.  Unless you’re an absolute beginner in photography, you already know how important a rock solid tripod and ballhead can be.  If you buy a high-quality tripod, you will likely own …