15 Creative Photography Project Ideas to Get You Shooting

Ideas for a photo essay project

You have all undoubtedly heard of the 365 project.  The project encourages photographers to get out and take one picture every single day, and then to post that photo online.  It is a fantastic way to improve your shooting skills; HOWEVER, I have seen so many 365 projects lately that I am beginning to wonder CONTINUE

15 Tips For Stunning Black and White Photography

photography tips for black and white

This post is in response to a question from Matthew Tapley, who is interested in learning how to improve his black and white photography skills.  I hope this article has information that is valuable enough to you that you’d consider sharing it on Facebook or Twitter. Black and White Photography Tip #1: Shoot in RAW.  Many CONTINUE

A Photographer’s Secret Weapon for Macro Photography

iphone macro photography

Here in my town in Naples, Florida, I teach a beginning photography class every Monday.  I split the class up into 6 different photography subjects (wildlife, action, portraits, etc) so each class has one theme.  This week’s class was macro photography.  I am always a bit apprehensive about teaching the macro photography class because I CONTINUE