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Learning Product Photography with Sandy Dorau

In Photo Basics by Brent Huntley3 Comments

If you follow the Improve Photography network of podcasts (and you are crazy if you are not, each show offers some unique insight from different hosts that make my commute much more enjoyable), you have noticed a lot of talk lately about product photography. If I am going to be honest, product photography never interested me at all, but the …

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Photographing Women: 8 Tips for Posing, Lighting, and Details

In Portrait by Erica Kay10 Comments

Photographing women can be a difficult and daunting task.  As a wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer, one of the most challenging (and rewarding!) parts of my job is guaranteeing that the women I photograph feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.  As a woman myself, I can relate to the feelings and concerns many women share with me about their bodies and …

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9 Post Processing Tricks To Improve & Correct Your Images

In Post-processing by Brian Pex4 Comments

Post Processing your digital images is, in many ways, like problem solving. Actually, in photography, the entire process of image creation is pretty much an entire problem solving exercise from start to finish. When shooting, we have to get the exposure correct. “Are my highlights going to be clipped?” “Will I have detail in my shadows?” “Is the lighting correct …

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Ten More Post Processing Tips & Tricks

In Post-processing by Brian Pex1 Comment

Some Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Post Production Workflow Post processing digital images in Lightroom & Photoshop to many photographers is a great way to make our digital images as best as they can be. From a simple crop to complex luminosity masking techniques, there are always tips and tricks to be learned along the way that make it …

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Post-Wedding Workflow: The System That Won’t Make You Crazy Part 1

In Marketing/Business, Post-processing by Erica Kay2 Comments

One of the things that was most difficult for me when I first started photographing weddings was finding a post-wedding workflow that worked well for me.  I tried following the advice of various photographers, attempting to implement their exact workflow into my unique business.  All of these attempts failed because I was replicating the practices of someone with a completely …

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Let’s Talk: Portraits vs Snapshots

In Portrait by Jeremiah Gilbert

You have a good camera and photograph people on a regular basis, yet your photos don’t look like the portraits you admire or regularly see in magazines or online. All of the elements seem to be there but something appears to be missing. In this case, you may be taking snapshots and not portraits. Snapshots tend to capture a moment …