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23 Tips for Posing Women

In Photo Basics, Portrait by Brent Huntley4 Comments

If you want to be a portrait photographer or just want to shoot images of your wife, girlfriend or friends, you owe it to yourself to learn some things about posing.  I wanted to learn posing tips for some upcoming shoots I have so I went to Improve Photography Plus to watch the new posing video produced by Erica Kay. The …

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Sunset Photography Camera Settings for Beginners

In Photo Basics by Rusty Parkhurst24 Comments

Everyone can enjoy and appreciate a beautiful sunset.  And admit it, regardless of how cliche it may be, sunset photography is tons of fun.  Having the ability to capture the last rays of the day and amazing golden light bathing the landscape is very satisfying. A couple years ago, I decided that I was going to capture an image of …

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12 Tips for Advanced Landscape Photography Compositions

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan0 Comments

At some point in our progression as landscape photographers, we need to gain a greater understanding of composition if we want our photography to continue to improve. The first composition tip any photographer will typically learn is that of the Rule of Thirds, which states that you should place the interesting elements of your photo on imaginary grid lines that …

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Costly Landscape Photography Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In Photo Basics by Kevin D. Jordan7 Comments

Regardless of how seasoned we may be as photographers, there will always be mistakes that sneak their way into our workflow.  For landscape photographers in particular, early mornings, late nights, and challenging conditions can lead to fatigue or distractions that cause us to lose focus (no pun intended) on important details that can make or break our photos.   I …

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The Photographer’s Guide to Glacier National Park

In Photo Locations by Kevin D. Jordan6 Comments

Glacier National Park is a nature photographer’s paradise.  The dramatic, jagged peaks, and harsh topography provide photographic angles and compositions that are limited only by how far you are willing to hike or how high you are willing to climb.  Glacier also offers wildlife such as black and grizzly bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, elk, and more.  I …

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PlanIt! for Photographers: Android’s Answer to PhotoPills

In Gear by Kevin D. Jordan2 Comments

In the world of landscape photography planning applications, PhotoPills is the app I hear raved about the most often.  In various articles, podcasts, and conversations with other photographers, I’ve repeatedly heard about how the app has revolutionized the process for planning out landscape photos in particular.  Since PhotoPills is currently only available for Apple devices, however, I at one time …