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25 Ideas for Unique and Different Senior Portraits

In Portrait by Deb Mitzel0 Comments

So, you’re having a pre-session consultation with a high school senior client, and you ask if they have any locations or ideas in mind for their senior session.  They say, “I don’t know, but I want something “different”.  And you’re thinking, ok…different how, different than what? I follow a lot of senior groups and boards …

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Top 25 Hidden Photo Spots in Washington, DC

In Photo Locations by Frank Gallagher9 Comments

  Hello and welcome to Washington, DC!  I was born here and love this town.  As a visitor, of course you’ll take the typical shots of the monuments, government buildings, zoo and museums!  But, if you want to get away from the hordes of selfie-stick-toting tourists, here are some of my favorite off-the-beaten-path photo locations. …

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ETTR, ETTL and ISO Invariance: Which is Right for You?

In Photo Basics by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

In any type of photography, getting the right exposure is important.  But, is the best exposure one where the histogram is evenly spread out like a bell curve, one where it leans towards the right (ETTR) or to the left (ETTL)or do modern sensors make it all meaningless through ISO invariance? If you’ve been around …

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7 Creative Landscape Photography Tips and Ideas

In Landscape/Nature by Kevin D. Jordan0 Comments

As a landscape photographer, I can be prone to getting into a rut.  I haven’t spent much time branching out to other genres of photography, so almost all of my photography efforts are geared towards landscape shots.  As a result, my workflow often consists of similar habits: find good light, find a picturesque scene, position …

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How to Photograph Box Canyons of the Southwest

In Landscape/Nature by Nathan2 Comments

As the title for this article is photographing box canyons I should describe what a box canyon is. Unlike canyons formed by glaciation which end up being “U” shaped or high mountain stream canyons that are typically “V” shaped; box canyons are shaped in general like boxes. They have flattish like bases with sheer cliffs …

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Haida Filter System: In-Depth Review

In Gear by Frank Gallagher6 Comments

The Haida filter system gives photographers one more choice in the competitive photography filter market.  The company makes the standard screw-on filters as well as square and rectangular drop in filters.  However, Haida is one of the few that make the large 150mm square and rectangular filters and a filter holder that will work with …