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Chromatic aberration: What it is, and how to fix or avoid it

In Post-processing by Dustin Olsen2 Comments

What is it? Chromatic aberration as it relates to photography is also known as fringing. The cause and effect of chromatic aberration deals directly with the scientific engineering of the lens that you’re using on your camera. But first, here is a photo with chromatic aberration: At first glance, you can’t even tell that this photo is being affected by …

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How to Take Better Pictures Using Just the Pop-Up Flash

In Photo Basics, Portrait by Dustin Olsen24 Comments

The dreaded pop-up flash. For many photographers, the thought of using only our built-in flash makes us cringe – and for good reasons. When not carefully altered, the pop-up flash gives off a harsh, direct light that is unnatural. Your photographs will turn out flat every time because the head-on direction of the light erases any shadows that would have …

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Top 35 Places to Shoot in California

In Photo Locations by Dustin Olsen11 Comments

California is such an amazing state with so many places to visit and sights to see! We reached out to several of our website fans and asked them to share some of their favorite places in California to go and shoot and they helped us come up with this:   Click here to view map   Region One – Shasta …

Black and White Photography Tips [Duel]

In Features by Dustin Olsen17 Comments

This week’s theme is black and white photography.  Most of the time, we all like seeing colorful images, but sometimes only black and white can make the viewer enjoy the simplicity of the tones. New to the weekly Improve Photography Duel?  Check out this page, where we explain how it works.  A new camera duel will be released each Monday, …