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Top 35 Places to Shoot in California

In Photo Locations by Dustin Olsen11 Comments

California is such an amazing state with so many places to visit and sights to see! We reached out to several of our website fans and asked them to share some of their favorite places in California to go and shoot and they helped us come up with this: IMPORTANT TIP! Since publishing this article, …

Black and White Photography Tips [Duel]

In Features by Dustin Olsen17 Comments

This week’s theme is black and white photography.  Most of the time, we all like seeing colorful images, but sometimes only black and white can make the viewer enjoy the simplicity of the tones. New to the weekly Improve Photography Duel?  Check out this page, where we explain how it works.  A new camera duel …

Canon T5i vs Nikon D5200

In Gear by Dustin Olsen42 Comments

This was an expensive post to write.  We purchased the Canon Rebel T5i as well as the Nikon D5200 so that we could use the camera for a few days and really become familiar with what it is like to shoot with it.  Then, we chose which camera we preferred, and destroyed the other one. …

HDR Photography Tips [Duel]

In Features by Dustin Olsen27 Comments

This week’s theme is HDR.  Unfortunately, HDR has a very negative connotation among photographers because we have all seen so many poor uses of the tonemapping technique that make the resulting photo look unnatural, overcooked, and just plain nauseating.  In this post, we hope that we can show you two examples of how HDR can …

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Photography and the Purple Cow [IP27]

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Dustin Olsen4 Comments

In Episode 27 of the Improve Photography Podcast, Jim and Dustin answer listener questions about shutter actuations, metering, flash triggers, and more. Guide to Episode 27 [0:30] Jim’s Random Thoughts Insulation reflector board – check out this article Jim wrote called 9 Weird Photography Tricks that Actually Work to see a description of what this is and …

Old Photo Restoration in Photoshop [Duel]

In Post-processing by Dustin Olsen11 Comments

Photo restoration is one of the most challenging and fun projects to work on in Photoshop.  We started this project with a very old photo of Jim’s grandparents since his family enjoys researching their family history.  The photo was taken in the 1940s, giving the print plenty of time to fade and decay.  The photo …

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Dustin’s Unplanned Photo

In Features, Landscape/Nature by Dustin Olsen14 Comments

Unplanned Photography Dustin Here: Over memorial day weekend I drove down to the Salt Lake City area to visit some friends and just enjoy the weekend. The trip was very last minute as several of my other plans didn’t work out and Utah is where I ended up. Saturday morning I found out we were going …

Tools or Toys? Micro-Four Thirds Cameras vs. DSLRs [Podcast]

In IP Roundtable Podcast by Dustin Olsen2 Comments

This is a mashup episode of the Improve Photography Podcast, the Digital Photo Experience, and The Digital Story Podcasts.  In this episode, the joint group discusses micro four-thirds and other compact cameras and whether or not they are a viable alternative for photographers. If you are reading this post via email or RSS, be sure …