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How to Use Motion Blur to Improve Your Photos

In Photo Basics, Uncategorized by GregNoel2 Comments

  How to use motion blur to improve your photos. My most recent article I discussed how to take sharp photos in low light situations because perfectly sharp images are the goal for most photos.  As photographers, we are obsessed with sharpness and perfectly sharp images.  We spend more money on lenses and cameras that promise sharpness, we argue and …

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I Want to be a Photographer; What Should I Major In?

In Marketing/Business by Grant Whitty2 Comments

You likely just graduated high school; congrats! Maybe you have a camera, and maybe you’re not too bad of a photographer. You got accepted into a university or college, and now you need to decide what you want to study. If this sounds similar to your situation; I hope this article finds you well. As a current student, I hope that I …

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Photography Business Names: A Guide to Picking the Perfect Name

In Marketing/Business by Brent Huntley2 Comments

Starting your own photography business can be a daunting task.  There are a lot of important decisions you have to make at the beginning that can have unexpected repercussions or costs later as your business grows.  To get a great overview on many of the business, legal and financial aspects of starting a photography business, check out this article written …

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16 Ways to Improve Your Photography

In Features by Rusty Parkhurst5 Comments

  It probably goes without saying that we all want to improve our photography skills.  After all, that is the name of this website, so I assume you are here to learn ways to improve your photography.  That’s why I visit here regularly to read the articles from all the great writers and listen to the podcasts in the Improve …