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Lightroom vs. Capture One: An in depth comparison

In Post-processing by Christopher Mowers2 Comments

The photography world is on fire right now with all the changes to Adobe’s non-destructive photo editor product, Lightroom CC. The future of Lightroom has been quiet and mysterious for the past few years, but at this point, Adobe has made their intentions fairly clear. All-New Lightroom CC, with its cloud storage and artificial intelligence …

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5 Photography Mistakes I Keep On Making

In Photo Basics by Rick McEvoy14 Comments

I really should know better, but here are 5 photography mistakes I keep on making. Read this and learn from my experiences 5 things you can stop doing right now (if you were doing them in the first place that is of course). I hope that by committing these faux pas to the world wide …

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How to Remove People from Photographs in Photoshop

In Post-processing by Nathan Goldberg2 Comments

We’ve all been there.  You spend lots of time planning a location for an epic image, even travelling from long distances to get there, only to find the location buzzing with activity from other people.  Enough people to detract significantly from the image you were planning on getting.  And returning at a later, quieter time …

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7 Exciting Photography Subjects in Dull Small Towns

In Photo Locations by Andy Perkins8 Comments

The struggle to find fresh, interesting photo subjects is unending. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that every small town trip is a one-way ticket to photo Dullsville. There are plenty of exciting photography subjects in small towns and rural areas, if you know where to look. Courthouses, parks, festivals, golf courses, farms, lakes …

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Review: Mastin Labs Presets

In Post-processing by Grant WhittyLeave a Comment

Film is not dead, folks. For some time many thought that film would eventually die out since digital is so much easier. Surprising to some, film is back, and on the rise. It’s not likely that film will be used more than digital, do to cost and time. However, I am beginning to see more …

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ETTR, ETTL and ISO Invariance: Which is Right for You?

In Photo Basics by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

In any type of photography, getting the right exposure is important.  But, is the best exposure one where the histogram is evenly spread out like a bell curve, one where it leans towards the right (ETTR) or to the left (ETTL)or do modern sensors make it all meaningless through ISO invariance? If you’ve been around …