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Shadows vs Blacks Sliders: How They Affect Photos Differently

In Photo Basics, Post-processing by Frank Gallagher4 Comments

Lightroom’s Basic Panel in the Develop module and Adobe’s Camera Raw controls have a series of sliders with deceptively simple names, among which are Highlights and Shadows, and Whites and Blacks. So what’s the difference between the Blacks slider and the Shadows slider? Is there a special advantage in using one or the other? When should you use Blacks and …

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Getting Smart with Photoshop Smart Objects

In Post-processing by Brian Pex1 Comment

Anyone who has used Photoshop for some time has heard the term Smart Object used from time to time. The phrase “Non Destructive Workflow” is often mentioned in thousands of videos, articles, books, etc. when the subject is of a post processing workflow with photographic images. One of the best and most powerful features within Photoshop is the ability to …