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21 Photography Tips for Paris

In Photo Locations, Uncategorized by Brent Huntley2 Comments

I spent seven nights in Paris a few months back and had great intentions of adding to the great series of “A Photographer’s Guide to … (Boston, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Glacier,  Philadelphia and so on)” we have seen on the website recently.  Unfortunately, our second day there, the whole family came down with something.  I never fully recovered and, while …

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9 Tools for the International Travel Photographer

In Gear by Brent Huntley7 Comments

For the holidays this year, I took my family of four (wife and two toddlers) on a sixteen day European vacation.  We had a great deal on a hotel in Paris so we planned around that and ultimately packed too much travel into too little time.  We flew into Amsterdam, spent the day there before catching the train to Paris …

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Instagram Tips for Photographers: Growing & Maintaining Your Fan Base

In Marketing/Business by Erica Kay4 Comments

Instagram:  the social media site that is both the best and worst thing ever for photographers.  It makes perfect sense for photographers to use Instagram.  I mean, it’s a photography platform!  However, since everyone has a camera (whether it’s a DSLR or a phone or a point and shoot or a vintage film camera), everyone is now a photographer and …

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Photographing Couples: 13 “go-to” tricks for authentic poses and interactions

In Portrait by Erica Kay16 Comments

As a follow up to my last blog post on photographing women, this week I’ll be talking about photographing couples.  I’m constantly asked about photographing couples and how to best pull out natural and authentic expressions and poses during a couples session or a wedding.  I’ll admit that I never felt very confident in this area until about a year …

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Post-Wedding Workflow: The System That Won’t Make You Crazy Part 1

In Marketing/Business, Post-processing by Erica Kay2 Comments

One of the things that was most difficult for me when I first started photographing weddings was finding a post-wedding workflow that worked well for me.  I tried following the advice of various photographers, attempting to implement their exact workflow into my unique business.  All of these attempts failed because I was replicating the practices of someone with a completely …