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25 Ideas for Unique and Different Senior Portraits

In Portrait by Deb Mitzel0 Comments

So, you’re having a pre-session consultation with a high school senior client, and you ask if they have any locations or ideas in mind for their senior session.  They say, “I don’t know, but I want something “different”.  And you’re thinking, ok…different how, different than what? I follow a lot of senior groups and boards …

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5 Ways Photographers Can Improve by Using Instagram

In Photo Basics by Bastian Bodyl0 Comments

This is an article for every photographer even if you not post regularly something or using Instagram just for family pictures. I hope this it inspires you to take a deeper look into Instagram because it is a great place to find inspiration or locations, be creative and meet new people. On Instagram, you can …

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How I Produced a Major Kickstarter Campaign

In Marketing/Business, Portrait by Erica Kay0 Comments

Many of you know me as Erica, Portrait Session podcast host and wedding photographer. But here lately, I’ve been venturing into new, uncharted territory (uncharted for me, at least). This territory is the world of large-scale production management and direction. As my studio transitions away from the retail portrait sphere and toward marketing productions and …

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How to Use Motion Blur to Improve Your Photos

In Photo Basics by GregNoel2 Comments

  How to use motion blur to improve your photos. My most recent article I discussed how to take sharp photos in low light situations because perfectly sharp images are the goal for most photos.  As photographers, we are obsessed with sharpness and perfectly sharp images.  We spend more money on lenses and cameras that …

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21 Photography Tips for Paris

In Photo Locations by Brent Huntley3 Comments

I spent seven nights in Paris a few months back and had great intentions of adding to the great series of “A Photographer’s Guide to … (Boston, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Glacier,  Philadelphia and so on)” we have seen on the website recently.  Unfortunately, our second day there, the whole family came down with something.  I …

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9 Tools for the International Travel Photographer

In Gear by Brent Huntley7 Comments

For the holidays this year, I took my family of four (wife and two toddlers) on a sixteen day European vacation.  We had a great deal on a hotel in Paris so we planned around that and ultimately packed too much travel into too little time.  We flew into Amsterdam, spent the day there before …