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Eastern Newfoundland: A guide for photographers

In Photo Locations by Tracy Munson9 Comments

When most people think about visiting Newfoundland (if they think about it at all), they picture the towering fjords of Gros Morne National Park and the colourful houses of Quidi Vidi village in the capital city of St. John’s. Admittedly, those alone are reasons enough to visit, but any photographer who passes on exploring the …

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The Photographer’s Guide to Glacier National Park

In Photo Locations by Kevin D. Jordan9 Comments

Glacier National Park is a nature photographer’s paradise.  The dramatic, jagged peaks, and harsh topography provide photographic angles and compositions that are limited only by how far you are willing to hike or how high you are willing to climb.  Glacier also offers wildlife such as black and grizzly bears, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, mountain …

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Top Summer Iceland Photo Locations You Can Access Without a 4×4 Vehicle

In Photo Locations by Kevin D. Jordan4 Comments

Iceland is a landscape photographer’s playground.  Its variety of dramatic landscapes packed into a relatively small area makes Iceland a country that boasts many great photo locations.  While some of these locations are inaccessible without a 4×4 vehicle, there are still many Iceland photo locations that you can easily get to with a 2-wheel drive …

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The Photographer’s Guide to Philadelphia

In Photo Locations by Mark Morris4 Comments

Philadelphia is an absolute treasure trove of photography locations! The city is probably best known as the location of Independence Hall and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. There is in fact a vast number of historically significant places which have been beautifully maintained, preserved or rebuilt. The city also boasts some incredible arts …

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The Photographer’s Guide to Boston

In Photo Locations by Kevin D. Jordan12 Comments

From a photography perspective, Boston has something for everyone.  It is a city rich with history, scenic skyline views to satisfy wide-angle photographers, and expressive people (both visually and conversationally…) to satisfy a street photographer.  For those planning a visit, let this article be a detailed guide for your Boston photography excursion. Getting Around and …

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21 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Photography Trip

In Photo Locations by Brent Huntley8 Comments

Like most photographers, I love to travel. Before we had kids, my wife and I lived in Budapest for a little while.  While there, we traveled as much as possible, going to 13 countries in just 4 months.  With so much travel and not much planning time, I developed a planning system that I think …

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Photographer’s Guide to Yellowstone in Winter

In Photo Locations by Jim Harmer2 Comments

The only thing better than photographing Yellowstone, is photographing Yellowstone in the winter.  If you can brave the cold, you’re in for a very memorable photography trip where you’re sure to capture a few portfolio pieces. I’m just returning from another trip to Yellowstone this last week with a group of 40 readers of Improve …