BLACKRAPID Double Breathe Camera Holder Review


Photography doesn’t involve one camera body with one lens.  If it did, traveling through TSA would be a whole lot easier! But isn’t having all the gear part of the fun?  

Since most shoots often require a variety of lens types, many of us find ourselves either switching lenses too often or switching back and forth between cameras with different lenses attached.  So, what does this look like?  For most, we’re struggling with two bodies and camera straps flip flopped over each shoulder raising a camera just to untangle it to get the shot and then switching again to the other camera messing with the straps again.  And this usually happens at the worst time!  For me, that’s with a hurry up offense in an NFL game where I have seconds to switch between cameras as the ball travels from the arm of the quarterback down the field right at me to the receiver just feet in front of me.  Switching cameras is a must if I want to get the shot!  

This has happened to me many times, struggling with different straps.  Look at any NFL photographer and you can’t help but notice the 2, 3, and sometimes even 4 cameras strapped around their necks.  This can be easier!  Using a camera strap such as the Blackrapid Double Breathe (approximately $150) can come in handy.  


Double Breathe Features:

  • Black double camera strap/harness
  • Nylon mono mesh thin shoulder pad
  • Curved foam and polyester air mesh
  • Adjustable length nylon webbing
  • Lock Star & fastener hardware carabiners

The Blackrapid Double Breathe allows you to have one strap, basically wrapped around each shoulder, where you can have two cameras strapped, one hanging on each side.  It almost makes you feel like a double-fisted gun slinger ready to use either weapon (or camera in this case) within seconds.  Now that may not be for everyone, but it does have its pros and cons.  Let’s take a look.


*A strap, such as the Blackrapid Double Breathe, consists of two straps connected over the shoulders and across the chest limiting the need to constantly be switching straps from one camera or the other.    

*The camera is attached to the strap with a metal loop and carabiner allowing the camera to slide up and down the strap.  The reason why I like this is because I can practically let go of one camera and let it slide down to my side while I reach for the other camera to pull it up for the shot on time.  

*Lock cover (aka “Lock Star”) for extra security.

*Works as a single strap as well when divided.

*Can carry one camera and one of something else. (Attach a lens w/ tripod hole?) (Attach to belt loop on pants to hold in place.)

*Thin straps.

*Breathable shoulder pad cuts down on sweat marks.




*Rarely do I ever just stand straight up to take a photo.  When I squat down or sit, the cameras on my side will often hit the ground.  Since it’s connected to the strap, you can’t simply take the camera off your shoulder and place it off to your side.

*Cameras simply hang and can bang into people/things easily.

*Awkward when bending over and cameras can collide.


Want a closer look?

The double strap look may not be a part of everyone’s fashion statement, but it is pretty handy. The quality of the straps, clips, and locks is worth every cent. At $150, I highly recommend it for sports photographers and wedding photographers – the convenience is worth it! For other types of shooters, I just don’t see it as necessary.

2 thoughts on “BLACKRAPID Double Breathe Camera Holder Review”

  1. Hi I had such a strap which fitted just as this one to the tripod mount, then some years later the rubber washer failed and the camera plunged to the concrete for an expensive repair. A simple solution to avoid this is possible they just need a safety line (which I have seen on other makes) to the cameras built in loops.
    I will never use one again of this design without putting such a line on.

  2. Daniel Weingrad

    Different (? older) model has clips for binoculars – very handy. I always check washer and fitting at the tripod mount before each outing and frequently thereafter. Never had a problem in the few years that I have used Blackrapid straps. When I don’t bring 2 cameras I can clip a water bottle on the empty hook.

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