Staying Motivated and Inspired (PS EP-50)

  • new locations and new gear
  • looking at the work of others to see whats possibile
  • 500 px
  • instagram
  • trying out a new genre of photography keeps things from getting stale
  • go on a landscape photo trip
  • separate yourself from what you normally shoot

Listener Questions:  

Tamela Steindorf

Hello everyone – I am a relatively new listener to the podcast and I have a question about getting print colors to come out correctly. I know I probably need to first calibrate my monitor, and then have a lab make some test prints. Do you generally just have the lab adjust the colors on your prints, and which labs do you use for printing portraits? I heard Nick Page mention Millers in the episode on sports photography, but any guidance on this overall process of file to print would be much appreciated.

52 thoughts on “Staying Motivated and Inspired (PS EP-50)”

  1. Congrats on the 50th episode! You’re my favorite show on the network, and this is often where I find inspiration. I’m looking forward to well over 50 more.

  2. Congrats on 50th!!!! I love listing to this pod cast all all the others from Improve Photography. When I’m in a dump for photos I just look around my area and where I haven’t been and go see and take photos. I also like new toys is always good thing as well.
    I live in Georgia so there is lots of old building, towns etc.. so just go out…

  3. Jaimie Gonzalez

    CONGRATS ON 50. Love your podcast. I’m learning so much . Thank you so much , for giving great content and advice. I look forward to listening to more.

  4. Jerry Gonzalez

    Love this show. Thanks so for all the time you guys put into this. It is really appreciated!

  5. Congrats on episode 50! Feels like yesterday the podcast started. Thanks for a great episode with awesome advice. I’ve recently felt like I lost my mojo so perfect timing.

  6. Jacob Goodenough

    Congrats on 50 episodes!! I’ve been listening to the Podcasts for several months now & I’m learning so much from you guys! Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. 50 episodes! Awesome! I love this podcast, thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  8. Happy 50th. Really enjoy the podcast. They are short and to the point and give me so much to think about. Thanks for sharing all the great tips.

  9. Fancy pants 50! Congratulations on the 50th episode… can’t wait for the many more to come. Tell Erica that when I move from Boston to Akron (soon) that if she ever has a tough shoot and needs an assistant to hold a light on a 14 foot pole above a subject for 4 hours to get the perfect shot… I’ll do it. Oh… wait… retract that last statement. You guys are great though! Thanks for all the great episodes! 😉

  10. Congrats on 50 episodes! Thank you so much for the work you put into each show. The help and inspiration that you provide has really helped my work. 🙂

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