Staying Motivated and Inspired (PS EP-50)

  • new locations and new gear
  • looking at the work of others to see whats possibile
  • 500 px
  • instagram
  • trying out a new genre of photography keeps things from getting stale
  • go on a landscape photo trip
  • separate yourself from what you normally shoot

Listener Questions:  

Tamela Steindorf

Hello everyone – I am a relatively new listener to the podcast and I have a question about getting print colors to come out correctly. I know I probably need to first calibrate my monitor, and then have a lab make some test prints. Do you generally just have the lab adjust the colors on your prints, and which labs do you use for printing portraits? I heard Nick Page mention Millers in the episode on sports photography, but any guidance on this overall process of file to print would be much appreciated.

52 thoughts on “Staying Motivated and Inspired (PS EP-50)”

  1. Congratulations on 50!!! I’ve listened to every single episode (many multiple times) and think you guys are absolutely amazing! I always look forward to your awesome podcast each week! You guys are a blessing to the photography community. Thanks for all that you do!!! And PS, happy birthday Nick, aka PB 🙂 Much love to all!

  2. Congrats on the 50th episode and Happy Birthday also. Love all the content. You make me better at what I love to do.

  3. Big congrats on reaching 50 episodes! Have only been listening to the improve photography podcast for a few months but have listened to everything I could get my hands on through iTunes and I enjoy this podcast the most although each one is throughly entertaining and so informative. I’ve learnt so much listening to you guys in such a short time. I know sometimes you must think it difficult to squeeze in the episodes as it sounds like you all can get crazy busy with wedding seasons but please, please, please don’t stop! The info is way too valuable.

  4. Katelyn Patterson

    Congrats on 50 episodes! Love listening to you guys and gleaning all the expertise you have to give!

  5. Well done on reaching the 50 mark! Really enjoying all the shows… makes the drive to work almost bearable… 🙂

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