Improve Photography Roundtable (EP-164)


  • New people coming on in the next few weeks.  Leave feedback.
  • New page on the website for doodads all in one place.  improvephotography.com/doodads
  • Keep it positive in the groups!

Questions of the Week:

  • Radhika Dixit – Why not use spot metering all the time? What is the advantage of switching to Evaluative Mode, Centre Weighted, etc. Wouldn't you get the same effect by spot metering a point in the shot that is equal to 18% gray?
  • Griffin Mekleberg – I've been shooting for about 3 months and love every minute! I do not have much money for a better computer monitor but have been interested in screen calibration. I have terrible color vision as is so anything that will make my screen show a more accurate image is a godsend. I was wondering if anyone knows good software to get calibration or any resources and info on the topic?
  • John Heslop – I was wondering if it made a difference which hdmi cables I use to hook up monitors.

Scott’s 5 Minute Segment


  • Mirrorless cameras

Jim’s 5 Minute Segment

  • Talent
    • Is talent for photography something we learn, or are born with?
  • DJI Phantom 4

Doodads of the Week!

Same as the note above.  Go ahead and jump in with your doodad instead of waiting for Jim to say it’s your turn.

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