Lightroom, El Capitan, and Full Screen Problem

Adobe is working to squash it, but there is a bug running Lightroom full screen on Mac OS X El Capitan

ElCapitanWaitJust a quick note I wanted to get out to everyone on a bug running Lightroom (looks like any version) on Apples latest version of Mac OS X called “El Capitan.”  Apple made a fairly large change in El Capitan to how it is full screen applications work, and Lightroom doesn't seem to work correctly with regard to use Full Screen mode:

Here are some details of the problem as described by a user of Lightroom in the Adobe Photoshop Feedback forum (check out the thread on the topic here):


“When a Catalog is first opened it works great!

Library > Find Menu even shows cmd-f assigned like before
Window > Enter Full Screen has no assignment
cmd-F works as always.

But switch apps and switch back or switch to the Develop Module and back to Library and cmd-f assignment gets swapped – moved from Library>Find to Window>Full

I tried messing with the System Level Preferences as noted by others but unclear what to input for the “Menu Title” – Anyone getting this to work?”


So, if you use the full screen functionality of Lightroom, you will want to continue following the advice from the Improve Photography gang and hold off on upgrading your Mac to El Capitan.

Other than this issue, I am not seeing much else specific to photographers using the new OS that would prevent you from going to it.  So if you think you can live without full screen mode AND you have a couple of days where you don't have to get photo editing turned around to a customer, you have the green light from me on moving to El Capitan.  I still won't give it the official “GO” until I see this bug squashed.

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  1. Thanks for all the testing you’ve been doing for us. Is there anyway to date your posts, or am I just missing it. It would help how long to wait until looking for an update, either from your or the software developers.

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