1 thought on “Photo Taco – Capture One: Can it Replace Lightroom?”

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for the review of Capture One (and for the other podcasts, the website, …). As an “Aperture refugee” (not to trivialize the word) I considered LR and C1. LR seemed to offer more of a complete system, with LR Mobile, an excellent uploader to SmugMug, smart previews, and the ability to handle large libraries. So I went with it. it wasn’t an easy call — C1 is more “Aperture like” (less modal) and seems to offer more attractive images out-of-the box. A major limitation of C1 seems to be that local edits can be limited in number.

    My main system is Nikon, but my travel camera is a Fuji X20, which is ideal for family trips, tourism, etc. C1 is broadly regarded as doing a better job on .RAF’s in regard to sharpness, absence of artifacts, etc. So I’m writing to ask if this has been your experience as a Fuji user. With LR, I find it a bit difficult to make my .RAF’s look as good as the OOC jpeg’s — and indeed, most of the time the jpeg’s are fine with little or no editing. So a second purpose of this message is to request that, as a Fuji user and LR expert, you consider offering some suggestions on .RAF editing to match the jpeg as a starting point.

    Thx again,
    — Alex

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