How to Fix a “Lens Control Error” on Fuji Cameras

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Lens control error on the LCD screen of a Fuji camera

One of the most common errors on Fuji cameras is the “lens control error.”  This error means that the camera is not capable of communicating with the lens–usually as a result of the lens being dropped or colliding with something.

However, sometimes this error pops up when no drop or collision has happened.  Even worse, the problem is sometimes intermittent.  Intermittent errors are the most difficult problems to fix with technology, because it can be difficult to know when the problem is permanently fixed.

The Fujifilm website describes this as a “frequent” error, but provides no help whatsoever to help photographers deal with the issue other than to “contact the place of purchase.”  It's pretty sad that they don't even recommend calling Fujifilm itself to talk about the camera error that it created.

Potential Solutions to the Lens Control Error

  • First, reset the camera to factory default settings.  On most Fuji cameras like the X100T, XT1, and XT10, you'll press MENU > Go to setup 1 (the wrench with a “1” next to it) > and then click RESET > OK.  Wait 30 seconds after the reset has finished.
  • Turn the camera off
  • Next, take the battery out of the camera and leave the battery out for a FULL 2 minutes
  • Take the lens off and then replace it 3 times
  • Turn the camera back on and cross your fingers!

If That Doesn't Work…

  • Turn the camera off
  • Take the lens off
  • Take a rubber pencil eraser and gently on the copper contacts on both the lens and camera
  • Use a dry cloth to gently remove any eraser shavings
  • Put the lens back on
  • Turn the camera back on and cross your fingers!

In my case, I tried just taking the lens on and off and on and off several times and kept getting the error.  After a few days I followed some of these steps and the problem did go away.

However, other photographers I've been reading from online have not been so lucky and have had to send their camera or lens (usually just the lens) to Fuji for repair or replacement.

Hopefully you won't have to take it that far.


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