How to Fix a “Lens Control Error” on Fuji Cameras

Lens control error on the LCD screen of a Fuji camera

One of the most common errors on Fuji cameras is the “lens control error.”  This error means that the camera is not capable of communicating with the lens–usually as a result of the lens being dropped or colliding with something.

However, sometimes this error pops up when no drop or collision has happened.  Even worse, the problem is sometimes intermittent.  Intermittent errors are the most difficult problems to fix with technology, because it can be difficult to know when the problem is permanently fixed.

The Fujifilm website describes this as a “frequent” error, but provides no help whatsoever to help photographers deal with the issue other than to “contact the place of purchase.”  It's pretty sad that they don't even recommend calling Fujifilm itself to talk about the camera error that it created.

Potential Solutions to the Lens Control Error

  • First, reset the camera to factory default settings.  On most Fuji cameras like the X100T, XT1, and XT10, you'll press MENU > Go to setup 1 (the wrench with a “1” next to it) > and then click RESET > OK.  Wait 30 seconds after the reset has finished.
  • Turn the camera off
  • Next, take the battery out of the camera and leave the battery out for a FULL 2 minutes
  • Take the lens off and then replace it 3 times
  • Turn the camera back on and cross your fingers!

If That Doesn't Work…

  • Turn the camera off
  • Take the lens off
  • Take a rubber pencil eraser and gently on the copper contacts on both the lens and camera
  • Use a dry cloth to gently remove any eraser shavings
  • Put the lens back on
  • Turn the camera back on and cross your fingers!

In my case, I tried just taking the lens on and off and on and off several times and kept getting the error.  After a few days I followed some of these steps and the problem did go away.

However, other photographers I've been reading from online have not been so lucky and have had to send their camera or lens (usually just the lens) to Fuji for repair or replacement.

Hopefully you won't have to take it that far.


37 thoughts on “How to Fix a “Lens Control Error” on Fuji Cameras”

  1. Thank you, am trying it out and hope it works
    I have a much simpler camera (Fuji XF1) with a non-removable lens
    See what happens …

    Unfortunately, no success

    But thank you anyway

  2. Had this error on my XQ2. and “worked around” it by turning of the image stabilization in the set-up. (If it freezes up before you can get to the menu item, power up the camera by holding the ‘play button’ so it doesn’t open the lens. I didn’t use the before with the image stabilization, but I’m not missing it so far.

  3. I have the Fuji XF1 that comes up with the lens control error.
    I have found ways to get around it. I’m not sure it is like this on other XF1s but this is what I have done on mine.
    I have turned hand shake or lens stability (IS mode) to mode 2 shooting only or shooting and motion or off. It seems like when the camera is set to hand shake or IS mode to continuous ( mode 1) the lens control error occurs.
    The other time it occurs for me is when the main control dial is set to EXR. The way to stop to lens control message coming up is to not set the camera onto Auto EXR but choose one of the other settings as D-range priority or High ISO Low noise or resolution priority.
    It seems to work for me and the lens control error comes up much less .

  4. I simply took the batteries out for two minutes and it went away on my camera. Glad it was THAT simple. Thank you!!

  5. Thanks for the advice, but … This does not work. the reason is not any impact on the camera. the main reason is that the ribbon connector to the lens is slowly breaking. tht is also the reason why this camera after being repaired will fail again. There is a very nice instruction on youtube on how to disassembe the camera from a brazilian that shows axactly why all these errors occur. Usually first pictures are overexposed when zooming over 35 mm because the ribbon connector is not operating as it should (breaking piece by piece) and then after some time it will fail completely. And you will not be able to make any picture, even when you are not zooming.

    1. Yes, this is what happened to mine. Not sure about the ribbon error, but it’s very disappointing because I loved my XF1. 🙁

  6. Thanks for the above and yeah – very disappointed with Fuji. My XF-1 was gorgeous until it stopped working 18 months after modest use. This was my fourth digital camera purchase, all Fuji’s, but having read all the above contributions, I fear it will be my last if ‘the ribbon’ is likely to fail whatever replacement model I would choose. The only good news is that my ‘pro-compact’ E900 is still behaving itself after 7 years and accommodates 98% of my picture-taking requirements. Old-fashioned viewfinder too!

  7. My Fuji XF1 has done exactly the same. The description of the ribbon error is exactly what has happened.

  8. My XF1 is also having problem of lens control error. Earlier it started with over exposed images. That problem was never fixed even after factory reset.
    Is there any solution for this?
    I am extremely unhappy with poor or say no after sale service of Fujifilm in India.
    When I contacted their customer care service – a Gurgaon based number – I was surprised to hear that ‘Sir, our executives are gone for lunch, so please call here after an hour’. I would suggest not to buy Fujifilm product for such a poor service to their product.

  9. My XF1 exhibits the identical problem as described above. It happened after two years after purchase with less than 500 pics taken. The lens aperture stays fully open and is no longer controlled in auto and manual mode

  10. My XF1 has also just gone Lens Control Error. Loved that Camera. 2 Yrs old scandalous.

    Rest assured that is the last Fuji Camera I will ever buy.

  11. Modest and careful use of XF1 – irrespective Lens Control Error message. Camera useless. Xmas present over 3 years ago – almost 400 euros thrown out of the window. Disgraceful. Fujifilm France want best part of 50€ for a repair estimate!
    The moral of the story is do not buy Fujifilm the product is rubbish & the company takes its customers for idiots. Speak to your friends & spread the word!!!

  12. Lens Control Error on my XF1 – camera unusable. 398€ down the drain! Fujifilm asking for 50€ for repair estimate.
    In brief product & company not fit for the purpose. I shall be spreading the word!!

  13. I’m currently in Peru about a half hour from Aguas calientes just before my hike to Machu Picchu and my fujifilm xm-1 shutter got stuck this morning. I’ve been resetting and troubleshooting all morning but thanks to your advice it just fixed it. Muchos gracias señor, you just saved the most important photos of my trip!

    1. Lucille Langlois

      Il m’est arrivé exactement la même chose au même endroit avec ma XF1. Par contre, je n’ai rien pu faire pour arranger le tout. Heureusement que j’avais mon cellulaire. C’était mieux que rien.

      It happened to me exactly the same thing in the same place with my XF1. I could not do anything to arrange everything. Fortunately, I had my cell phone. It was better than nothing.

  14. I usually solve this issue going in and out from play pictures mode.
    I don’t know is it is due to the lens or to the body, because the same lens works perfectly on other bodies and the same body works perfectly with other lenses…
    It seems an internal memory problem (not hardware), because when the camera and the lens start working, everything works perfectly.
    Hei Fuji !…..

  15. I’m now experiencing the second incidence of this problem with my X-T1. The “Lens Control Error” message is preceded by about 20 seconds of the flashing lcd. The previous incidence my local retailer sent first the camera body, and later both my lenses (10-24, 18-135) to Fuji. I eventually got a call from the tech working on my equipment to say that they were able to replicate the problem only once, and cannot find anything wrong with either the camera body or lenses. My equipment was gone for almost 2 months! This is very frustrating, and causing me to lose some confidence in Fuji gear.

  16. Today my XF1 also has got that lens control error.
    Switching of the IS and using the P-mode supresses the message but all images are over exposed, sometimes completely white.
    I used that camera for 30 month only.
    Replacement will not be a fuji, I am sure

  17. Thanks for this! I tried the first solution and it worked on my XT-1 with 18-55 XF ZOOM.

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