18 Father’s Day Gifts for the Photo-Loving Dad

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away! Here are 18 Father's Day gift ideas for your photo-loving dad. There’s something for every budget, and regardless of whether your dad shoots with his mobile phone, a point-and-shoot, or a DSLR, you’re bound to find something he'll love.


Une Bobine#1 UNE BOBINE

The Bobine, made by Fuse Chicken, is a cable, tripod, stand, and dock all-in-one! It’s flexible, strong, and small. Dad could easily take it with him when he travels, and use it whenever he might need to prop his phone up or take a steady shot using a tripod. The Bobine works will all iPhones (5 and 6 versions) using the Apple Lightning connector. The Bobine is available for $34.95 on Amazon.



If your dad’s phone has a thick protective case around it, the Bobine might not be a good fit. Instead, if you’re looking for a small tripod, buy a Griptight Gorilla Pod Stand. This stand can be placed on a flat or uneven surface or even wrapped around a doorknob or tree branch. The Griptight Gorilla Pod Stand is currently $21.89 on Amazon.

pocket rocket


If your dad shoots a ton of photos, then he’ll love this SD Pocket Rocket, which can hold up to 9 SD cards. The Pocket Rocket is so compact that it fits into a pocket, or can be easily attached to a camera bag. Your dad will never misplace or lose any SD cards again. The Pocket Rocket is available for $19.75 on Amazon.

Understanding exposure book


If your dad is a book lover, why not purchase a book about photography for him? It’s sure to be a welcome gift. Most of these titles are geared toward hobbyist photographers. (If you’re not sure which one he’d like, consider giving him a gift card to Amazon or a local bookstore.)

rain cover


If your dad lives in a rainy region, he needs a durable rain cover for his camera. With this rain cover, he’ll be able to shoot in the elements without fear of ruining his gear. This economical and well-made rain cover is compatible with most medium to large DSLRs, including camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony, Olympus and Fuji. It is available at Amazon for $14.99.


If your dad is still using the strap that came with his camera, perhaps it’s time for a new one! Photojojo sells unique camera straps made from reclaimed seat belts. These super strong 2” wide handmade camera straps have two sturdy slide buckles, so the length can be easily adjusted. Dad can wear it around his neck or across his body. The straps come in six colors: silver, white, lime, teal, burgundy, or red. The Photojojo straps are $20 for one or $35 for two.

camera hand grip


Some photography-loving dads prefer holding their cameras to wearing them. If that’s the case for your dad, he’ll love this fully adjustable and comfortable camera grip hand strap. It is available for $30.49 at Amazon.


If your dad flies frequently with his camera, he’ll no doubt love the Commander Camera & Notebook System Bag. It’s small enough to fit under an airline seat, but roomy enough to hold a DSLR, lens and 15-inch notebook. It is available for $24.95 at Adorama. (Free shipping is available for a limited time.)



If your dad loves to shoot sports or wildlife photography with a long lens, it’s likely he has a tripod for stability. But does he have a monopod? Monopods are preferred by some photographers to tripods because they provide the necessary stability, but are lightweight and easier to set up, take down and move. The Velbon UP-400 is an inexpensive, but well-made monopod. (Note: If your dad doesn't already own a ballhead for his tripod, you'll need to purchase a ballhead in addition to the monopod.) It is available for $25.19 on Amazon.

canon camera mugs


If your photography-obsessed dad is a coffee drinker, why not surprise him with this set of two SLR camera lens travel mugs? It's available for $18.95 on Amazon.


You can’t go wrong with a classic t-shirt for dad—especially one that says “Dodge and Burn” on it. A variety of photography-inspired tees can be found at Dodge & Burn. Most are priced at $30 or less.


If your dad enjoys taking photos with his smartphone, then he might like this macro lens band. It’s a rubber band with a tiny built-in macro lens. You simply slide the band around any mobile phone and start shooting close ups. Your dad will be amazed at the little details he can capture with this tiny macro lens! The macro lens band is available for $15 at Photojojo.


8GB eyefi mobi memory card


A Mobi Memory Card will enable your dad to transfer images or video from his camera to his smartphone or tablet. The 8GB card holds up to 4,000 photos or 3 hours or video. Plus, this special memory card uses its own Wi-Fi, so dad will be able to share photos with his friends and family from anywhere. And it’s super easy to set it up; all your dad has to do is install the app, start shooting, and the photos will transfer automatically. The 8GB Mobi Memory Card is available for $43.26 at Amazon. (4 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB memory cards are also available.)



If your dad struggles with white balance–whether in camera or during post-processing–the ExpoDisc would be a perfect gift for him. The ExpoDisc is a filter that achieves accurate color time and time again. (To purchase the correct one, you’ll need to know the size—in millimeters–of your dad’s largest lens.) The ExpoDisc is available from ExpoImaging for $49.95.


waterproof camera


If your dad is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to take his camera with him when he goes bike riding, kayaking, and fishing, a waterproof camera is the gift for him. That way, dad doesn’t have to lug his SLR around with him and risk damaging it. This Fujifilm digital camera is not only waterproof to 33 feet, but also shockproof, freeze proof and sandproof. It's available for about $150 at Amazon.


Lightroom is very popular among photographers for organizing and post-processing their digital images. With Lightroom, your dad can take good images and make them great by adjusting the color, exposure, sharpness, tone, and more. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is available for $149.00 or $9.99/month (for Lightroom and Photoshop) in Creative Cloud.


Most photographers love to process their images in both Lightroom and Photoshop. RadLab is a cutting edge plug-in that your dad can use in Photoshop to do basic and advanced edits to images. With more than 80 stylets (or filters), your dad will be able to create stunning color and black-and-white images in just minutes. RadLab is available here for $149.


If you’re still undecided as to what to get your photography-addicted dad, here’s one final idea: Buy him a gift certificate to Borrow Lenses. At Borrow Lenses, your dad can select a camera or lens he’d like to rent, have it shipped directly to him, and shoot with it for a couple of days or a week. Gift certificates range from $10 to $500 and can be purchased here.

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Jennie Harless is a hobbyist photographer who loves capturing life through her lens. Her favorite subject is her 3-year-old son whom she and her husband adopted at birth. Jennie and her family make their home in Northern California, but love to travel to places all over the United States. Her photography and writing can be found at www.jennierosedesigns.blogspot.com.

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