Post Music, Q&A, & Photog’s Rights [IP 124]

Jim is back to answer your photography questions with Jeff Harmon & Darin Mellor.  The three also discuss Photographers Rights.  Jeff Mentions a fantastic Doodad of the Week to help you concentrate on your work!

What's in this Episode:

  • Jeff tackles a user question on memory cards & whether the fastest one is needed.
  • Darin helps a reader of Improve Photography decide whether Costco is up to snuff with major print labs.
  • Jim assists a reader of Improve Photography with soft looking pictures.
  • ShutterSpots is a new app for helping photographers find places to create images nearby.  How good is it?
  • Jim, Darin, & Jeff's updates on Lightroom CC & their thoughts thus far.
  • Jeff & Jim go in depth on photographer's legal rights.
  • A photographer, (who is going to be on Brian McGuckin's Thoughts on Photography Podcast), is asked for a permit during a photoshoot. How would Jim respond?
  • Jim's Lessons Learned while traveling & photographing Italy.
  • We have a winner of the Improve Photography Instagram Contest! @sandydorau is the winner of a box of Captain Crunch, which is Jim's favorite cereal!
  • Check out Sandy's Photo here, which will be edited by all of the Improve Photography Network Hosts & posted to YouTube soon!


Resources Mentioned:

5 thoughts on “Post Music, Q&A, & Photog’s Rights [IP 124]”

  1. Hey Guys, perhaps you have not yet learned that the major bug in Lightroom CC? As soon as I unchecked “Automatically write changes into XMP” in the catalog settings, it began to work correctly! No develop problems any longer for me. It is indeed a bug, but for a while until they fix it, this might help everyone.

    Great job on the podcasts!
    John Williams

  2. Hi Jim and company. I’ve listened to all the episodes including the one that you interviewed the owners of PRO DPI, I’ve also take. 6 of your online classes and purchased your presets. I just wanted to let you know that PRO DPI is now only servicing professional photographers. I went to create an account and this is what it says the requirements are.

    “Thank you for your interest in our services! Please fill out this form so that we can promptly create your account with ProDPI. Please note, ProDPI only services professional photographic businesses and studios. If you are an end-user, please contact your photographer and order prints and services through them. New accounts are checked for proof of legitimate business by reviewing websites, company information, and/or reseller permit status. We reserve the right to cancel any accounts if criteria are not met.”

    Just thought I’d pass that along. I love the podcast.

    Thanks, Ryan

  3. @Ryan – Thank you very much for your support.

    That’s the crazy thing. They have that statement and it scares people away, but even when that was on there, I asked the owners personally and they said it’s 100% okay for hobbyist photographers to sign up and use PRO DPI. I really really really really wish they would just take that off and not scare away photographers.

    I love the quality of prints from Pro DPI. I just wish they would make the onboarding process much more streamlined for photographers to actually use. It got a tiny bit better when they updated the site a few months ago, but it’s still SOOO clunky of a process to get started and order for the first time.

  4. Terrill Harris

    No one mentioned Ritz Camera’s photo printing service RitzPix. What is the general view concerning them? I live in the same area as Nations Photo. They have excellent customer service. However, I have to drive pass Ritz to get there and often use Ritz for my everyday printing needs. I must admit, I have had the same photo printed at Ritz, Walmart, and Mpix. Mpix wins. The difference in skin tone was significant .

  5. Thanks for the fast reply Jim. I’ve shot 5 weddings, senior pictures, couples shoots along with a few other things over the last year. I haven’t created a web site yet, wanting or feeling like I need to get a little better before I really put my name out there and advertise. So far word of mouth has worked doing this on the side. That’s why I didn’t sign up for a account with PRO DPI since it Says

    “New accounts are checked for proof of legitimate business by reviewing websites, company information, and/or reseller permit status. We reserve the right to cancel any accounts if criteria are not met.”

    I’ll create an account and see if they’ll let me print there over the next few months without a website or a legitimate buisness.

    Thanks again, Ryan

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