Roundtable w/ Nick Page [IP112]

Jim, Darin, & Jeff welcome a fresh face to Improve Photography!  Nick Page joined Jim & Darin in Oregon & within no time we knew we had to have him on the show!  Jim & friends discuss news items, lessons learned, & announce some more 2015 Improve Photography News!

What's in this episode:

  • A little bit about Nick Page.
  • Canon's 50 Megapixel Monster; is it worth it?
  • Can Canon's Lens Lineup handle what the sensor can capture?
  • What type of photographers will benefit the Canon 5DS & 5DS R?
  • Megapixels go up, as do file sizes.  Are you ready for it?
  • Jim puts Jeff on the spot about the Apple Photos App.  Is it the new Aperture?
  • Lightroom 6 was leaked?!  What we anticipate & want from this new release.
  • Anti-paparazzi clothing.  No more shots of celebrities!
  • Jim, Nick, & Darin's lessons learned on the Improve Photography Oregon Coast FREE Workshop!
  • Learning how to draw a sunrise in LIGHTROOM to make the scene more interesting.
  • What to do when you get hit by a wave!
  • Stop shooting in the middle of the day. – Listen to find out why!
  • Jim's thoughts on cows by the ocean!
  • Listen to Jim's advice on splitting your gear amongst different bags!
  • Do not be afraid to shoot another brand of camera!
  • If you challenge Jim he is likely accept!
  • To Drobo or not to Drobo?  – The Drobo strikes again!
  • Unleashing the power of Photoshop to create the composition in your mind's eye!

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